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abelain narvuk

  1. Tathra Khaeus

    Cordial Invitation: Abelain Narv'uk

    ​EDEMAR|MORTEM ​Home. ​The orange buzz of activity diluted the calm violet of the coastal beachhead just beyond the confines of Mortem. It's many skyscrapers, towers and barracks dotting the three sides of the massive pyramid. Spires, stretching high into the black sky; with Ancient Eye...
  2. Kinsey Starchaser

    A Mighty Big Space

    @Abelain Narv'uk Fingers tugged off the helmet of her thinsuit. Readings were right: breathable air. Funny how a wrecked Star Destroyer could have chunks of working atmo in the middle of the deep black. Should be some good finds in here. Helmet attached to her hip with some good old...
  3. Rosalina

    Into Thin Air

    Morishim Tatmana Mountains The mountains were her home. The mountain life had taught her to hunt, to gather, to build shelter and to use her surroundings. Alm had given up the safety of a familiar lifestyle, at least temporarily, to see the galaxy. Modernization had come to her homeworld and...
  4. Joza Perl

    Face God and Walk Backwards Into Hell

    Florrum This was certainly not the prettiest of situations. First, she’d been forced to make an emergency landing on Florrum. That part wasn’t too bad, no. Joza could handle new territory, and from the looks of it she hadn’t landed far from civilization. Unfortunately, that civilization also...
  5. Abelain Narv'uk

    Hunter and Scavenger

    [member="Kara Blackmoor"] The city of Livien Magnus was filled with people of various species and intent. Each one shuffled by on the various walkways that criss-crossed the city. Others zoomed by on airspeeders, clouding the air with the thickness of their presence and casting a gloomy...
  6. A

    The Acolytes

    Dromund Kaas [member="Abelain Narv'uk"] This ruin had once been the foundations of an Empire. Long ago, decades now, Dromund Kaas had been the sight of one of the most powerful Empires in the galaxy, spanning the outer rim, the Tingel Arm, and even partially into the core. Now it was but a...
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