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Name: The Longest Time
[background=Reference Image: “Space Courier” by Cassio Fernandes, found at [/size]
[background=Make: Silk Holdings, aftermarket modifications by the Wretched Hive[/size]
[background=Model: Perru-class Courier[/size]
[background=Modified by: Wretched Hive[/size]
[background=Colour: Orange and blue[/size]
[background=Trade-In Value: 350,000cr[/size]
[background=Size Classification: Light corvette[/size]
[background=Mission Profile: Transports small groups and vital supplies between remote destinations, through hostile or lawless territory.[/size]
[background=Combat Role: Not much. The Longest Time is good at avoiding fights: it's got solid sensors and engines, plus a stripped hyperspace countdown and a dang good navigation package. Bare-bones shielding and a couple laser cannons are all she wrote. [/size]
[background=Tech Level: Core Worlds military. It's a good one.[/size]
[background=Sensor Range: Long, comparable to a scout ship or a command ship.[/size]
[background=Hyperdrive Range: 110,000 lightyears at class point three, backup class ten. [/size]
[background=Sublight Fuel Capacity: Intersystem. You can get pretty much anywhere within a single system in a few days.[/size]
[background=Cargo Lift Mass: 200 tons, a little on the low side for a ship this size but more than enough to play light freighter.[/size]
[background=Supply Capacity: For a crew of six, maybe two months. Start taking on passengers and you'll need to pick up fresh food every time you hit a gas station. [/size]
[background=Amenities: Retractable card table, guest bunks, sonic showers, stasis refrigerator, not a lot else.[/size]
[background=System Strain Resistance: High. Between redundant cap drains and some solid wiring, this ship can survive fighter-scale ion fire, Chiss nets, and your average EMP detonation.[/size]
[background=Points of Strain: First thing to go when things get dicey will be the shield generators, and those aren't easy to fix. The main hold isn't as protected as it could be: after a solid hit or two, the Longest Time might just leave a trail of cargo. Not ideal. I recommend not getting shot too much, whenever possible. [/size]
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