[background=[size=6]ZEF HALO'S EUKGAR'GAM (Credits to Draco Vereen)[/size]
[background=[size=4]Image Source: Star Wars 1313[/size]
[background=[size=4]Intent: To provide Zef Halo with an up-to-date personal armor with his own customization.[/size]
[background=[size=5]PRODUCTION INFORMATION[/size]
[background=[size=4]Development Thread: [/size]
  • As Needed
[background=[size=4]Manufacturer: Zef Halo
Model: Not Applicable
Affiliation: Zef Halo
Modularity: Yes
  • Any weapon, system, or armor plate configuration can be changed to fit the wearer's desires.
  • All aesthetics are Modular.
[background=[size=4]Production: Unique[/size]
[background=[size=4]Material: Mandalorian Steel, Duraplast, Armorweave, Electronics[/size]

[background=[size=5]TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS[/size]
[background=[size=4]Classification: Mulitpurpose
Weight: 8 Kilograms
  • Plates: 6
  • Armorweave: 7
[background=[size=4]Special Features: [/size]
  • Minor Lightsaber Resistance (Plates are as resistant as a Tree is to an Axe, Armorweave can survive a glancing blow)
  • Minor Stealth (Scanner Proof when Idle)
  • EMP/Ion Resistant Helmet
[background=[size=4]Armor[/size][background=[size=4]Helmet[/size][background=[size=4]Back Plate[/size][background=[size=4]Wrists[/size][background=[size=4]Shoulders[/size][background=[size=4]Knees[/size][background=[size=4]Boots[/size][background=[size=4]Combat Harness[/size][background=[size=5]DESCRIPTION [/size]
[background=[font=arial]Zef Halo's Eukgar'gam differs to the basic one due to being quite lightweight and less protected fitting his style of combat as a gunslinger. As Zef prefers to utilize evasive maneuvers then taking damage, his armor plates are less than the usual Eukgar'gam making him more mobile yet with enough defence on vital parts of his body. He is quite dependable on his helmet to give him an advantage in combat more than the armament a basic Eukgar'gam can give him and that is also a reason for the really stripped-down Eukgar'gam that he utilizes.[/font]

Unlike the generic Eukgar'gam, this has been customized, as earlier stated for Zef Halo's needs, in such way that there is no arsenal on the shoulders. Such changes are made to keep the weight low and make the ex-smuggler as mobile as possible.
[background=[font=arial]The basic Eukgar'gam is intended to be incredibly modular, designed to be adaptable and adjustable for each warriors desires, using their choice of weapons and equipment options, even altering the configuration or amount of plates and the coverage of the plates. The Euk'gar plates are crafted in folded layers, alternating the direction of the grain of the metal for each fold. The plates are segmented, scalloped, and articulated to allow for freedom of movement for the warrior wearing the armor. Each plate is coated in a thin rubber to prevent it from making noise as they move. There are layered over an duraplast threaded armorweave bodysuit or jumpsuit, that uses eukgar threads on the chest to provide additional protection to the warriors vital organs.[/font]
[background=[size=4]Each suit contains a number systems, offering them a level of adaptability. Each suit is hermetically sealed containing a small hour long oxygen supply, a thermal regulator to allow the warrior to remain comfortable in desert or arctic temperatures. It has limitations on its abilities, unable to protect against fire and cryoban weapons, but can stave off minor burns or frost bite and allow the warrior to survive in the vacuum of space for a limited time. Other than the inside of joints, the armor contains a layer of thermal gel to add resistance to blaster weapons, in addition to the power armor liner protecting the torso and waist, reducing the kinetic force of blasts. While it may not keep the warrior conscious the intention is to reduce fatalities. It has a camoflage coating, capable of adjusting its colors to match its surroundings, like from forest to desert or solid Mandalorian colors and symbols. Additionally, so long as the warrior is not in combat, flight, or using systems that put out energy signatures or signals, it provides a form of sensor negation, making it difficult for them to be picked up on sensor scans.[/size]
[background=[size=4]The boots of the armor may be used as either grav boots, assisting in flight maneuvering while within a planet's gravity well, or allowing the warrior to hover slightly above the ground on its on. The soles of the boots are magno-grip, allowing the wearer to lock themselves onto metallic surfaces, which can be incredibly useful in the right situation. The gauntlets contain a pair of modular weapon slots that can be easily exchanged between combats and it can either be equipped with crushgaunts or a retractable vibroblade from the the knuckleplate. The armor has an attachment on the back plate for a shielding system similar to the Hyperion Combat Armors. It projects a small ray shield over the chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms that can survive one or two lightsaber strikes. It should be noted this cannot be combined with any other energy shield.[/size]
[background=[size=4]Finally the helmet is fairly standard, very similar to the Arbiter Combat Helmet or Hyperion Combat Helmet, with a sensor range of about one hundred meters. The visor is photoabsorbant allowing solar energy that hits the visor to recharge the internal batteries, allowing the helmet to be used almost indefinitely without having to replace the battery. The Helmet has a copper faraday cage to protect the delicate internal systems it houses. The aesthetics of the helmet are easily changed and altered to the wearer's desires.[/size]
[background=[size=4]The armor contains a power supply that weighs three kilograms and provides the suit with a plethora of power for its systems, roughly equal to thirty power cells. The armor has places for shoulder mounted flash lights and helmet mounted lights for dark environments. Finally the armor has a tactical combat harness with a variety of tools and equipment options, as well as pouches and holsters for weapons.[/size]
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