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Selling Paint
  • Jelucan: Hiding out in the middle of Wild Space, Narbo tries to peddle his sketchy product only to find himself in over his head with plots and lightsabers. He starts thinking about places other than Kathol Outback to hide out.
  • Jedi Slave Auction: The down-on-his-luck dealer calls in on an anonymous auction to purchase a pair of slaves only to find his actions too late and his credit rating not nearly high enough. He swears vengeance against the Woman in Black, whoever she might be.
  • Altering the Deal: A mysterious Givin shows up at Narbo's spice den and informs him that his debt now belongs to "Pollux." The Givin begins sprucing up Narbo's operation, giving him all the manpower and equipment for success. Narbo never asks why.
  • New Generation: Narbo meets Ben the Chadra-Fan on Tatooine and the two strike it off. Narbo envelopes Ben in his burgeoning spice running scheme, giving him a time and a place to meet on Ryloth.