Her face was frozen numb, but she didn't care. A small, weathered pile of stones partially covered by snow shared in her silence. Kneeling down on her right knee, Draulvesi placed what appeared to be a rather old, tattered cloth embroidered with a faded emblem of the Galactic Alliance in front of the stones, neatly folded yet marred by history and bloodshed. Placing a hand upon the fabric for a brief moment, the Arkanian bowed her head and began to sob. "I kept my promise..." She spoke softly, a warmth accompanying her words as if said to an old friend.

Memories of them were all she had to hold on to, along with regrets of things unsaid. Things unfinished.

From early childhood, they had done everything to ensure that Draulvesi lived a happy life - one bursting at the seams with potential, to never let go of hope even when there is no light to be found. Even after every disagreement, every moment of rebellion, she found herself revisiting this truth; a love unconditional and unwavering no matter the obstacle or distance, there was always a home to be found within their heart.

Even in death, they promised to never leave her alone; to always be there, even when it feels as if they aren't.

"I didn't give up..."

A life lost, a life saved. With their last breath, they died a hero - a mother sacrificing herself to offer a future.

Regaining composure, Draulvesi suddenly felt a tender presence move through her - a familiar, sweet scent caught her nose along with what felt like the tenderness of a hug wrap around her shoulders. Silence replaced the intrusion of the tundra's frigid howls, and for a moment, the land came alive with an embrace unlike anything Draulvesi had experienced. A childlike happiness washed over her cold features, an an innocent smile replaced her previously forlorn expression.

"You're not alone, my heart..."

A soft exhale escaped the Arknanian, lingering on in the cold. Her heart was at peace.