So a bunch of Republic admins are stepping down, I wonder why?
Moving on, time for our weekly announcement from your friendly watchdogs, the 1Sith. Welcome, 1Sith, what've you got for us today?
Thanks, Shorn, we'd just like to take a moment to talk to all our admirers out there... remember us? We're the faction that was only supposed to be temporary. You know, the one that came out of the shadows of the Sith Empire's collapse, all sly and secretive, with that Dark Lord of the Sith who was uber-powerful and NPC'd, but then got randomly killed off two or three times? We can't seem to find him, but he's around! Somewhere....
Yeah, so we promised you a while ago that we'd lose, eventually. You know, bad guys always lose. But, uh, well... we changed our minds. See, we figured out that we could nerf the factory by subbing all this Vong tech. Turns out that the End Game bosses of the Expanded Universe had some really powerful stuff, who knew? So we'll be using them as our mainline troops from now on, because you know how technology and Vong mix. We're sure it'll be 100% foolproof. No chance of rebellion or anything. That'd be silly.
Anyway, back to the point at hand. We like winning. In fact, we like winning so much that we decided losing doesn't actually build character. Winning builds character. So from now on we'll qualify slight wins as character building and massive wins as just us being that awesome. (Par for the course, amiright?). Because, let's face it, bad guys shouldn't lose, because bad guys are cooler. We have the better tech, the better force powers. We are the GOAT. So screw losing, that's for chumps.
But that's all mostly just talk, you know. Secretly we're planning on having everything implode, scout's honor. We just need like a few more invasion wins. Did I say need? I meant have to have, as in "get in our way and we'll curb stomp your skulls.' But yeah, once we get those wins that'll be it. We'll have the 1Sith collapse. We promise. For reals this time.
1Sith out.
(Disclaimer, I've had a total of four characters in the One Sith and was a member since its inception.)