He mauled him. Persenus battered the sickly and drug-addled Zygerrian into the wall the moment he heard the phrase. He could feel the breaking of bones against his knee when he struck him, how his organs gave into his strength. He slumped against the wall, holding onto a dumpster to support himself up, his other hand wrapped around his chest in reaction the pulsing pain in his chest. The children watched in horror as Persenus continued, taking the cat by the scruff of his shirt and throwing him into the bricks of wall, breaking more bones, causing more internal bleeding. The duracrete cracked and shattered against the blows.

The cat slumped into the ground, the life seeping out of him. Persenus, however, wasn't done yet. He took up his foot and began driving it into the man's face again and again. He would not relent. Each stomp would garner itself a violent growl and shout from Persenus, putting great effort with his inhuman, force-enhanced strength, to drive each strike as deeply as possible. Blood spurted around his foot and by the end, he removed his boot from the caved in face of the Zygerrian.

The children, a rodian and a human, shook in fear as the Echani turned about, covered in the ichor of the dead Zygerrian. Persenus watched them with an inscrutable gaze before looking back on his handiwork. In the corner of his eye, he saw them. Deathsticks. His mind flashed back to just less than a minute earlier. He was walking down the streets of Coruscant, minding his own business and keeping to himself with his hood up until he heard that phrase in the bustle of the crowd.

"You wanna buy some Deathsticks?" said the Zygerrian to the children down the alley. Persenus felt himself rile up at that moment. Anger and righteous fury flowed through him, the power of the Dark Side coursing through his body, empowering his muscles and speed. In less than a moment, he was upon him, ending the crook's life with the fullest of his strength. It had been the darkest place he had gone to in a long time.

As the adrenaline wore off, he looked to the children. "Stay in school. Don't do deathsticks." He said commandingly between his breaths. "Or you'll end up like him." He pointed to the bloodied corpse of the Zygerrian.

The children nodded shakingly. Persenus nodded back and then left.