Present day...

A body came down with a thud on the control console that captivated my attention. Activating it a holo-recorder withdrew from the ceiling and came to focus on me. My very face. Helmet tucked under my arm, I let my eyes do most of the talking and and uttered little thereafter.


"Ni malyasa'yr ganar skira."
I will have revenge.

A message sent to the New Imperial Order.

One year ago...

After the first invasion of Bastion and rise of the New Imperial Order. News spread of what the New Imperials did and achieved. Operation Kyber Dark remained in effect across the entirety of the territories. I received the news later than I expected by a fellow vode. News that took too long to reach me.

Kezeroth the Hateful, Rally Master of clan Akaata was confirmed dead.

Though I had no heart, I felt it skip a beat.

" How did it happen?" I had to ask.

" Kyber Dark. The Imperials betrayed and murdered him."
" How did it happen?" I asked again wanting more.
" Does it matter, Dezorath? I'm sorry about your father. He will be remembered as a fierce warrior."

" ...." I had no response.