An Offical Proclamation from the Supreme War Council of the Zweihander Union

By decree of the honorable Chancellors of the Right and Left, respectively, combined with the will of the Council of Governors and executed the Magistratus, Acting Supreme Joint Chief of the Zweihander Union High Command Tristan Evore, is to be promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral on the 25th of July, of the year 2020.

As per his request, the Promotion Ceremony shall be open to all law abiding entities of the galaxy, and immediately following said ceremony, a International Gala shall be held on the Union Capital World of Schesa.

As is the case, we wish to extend invitation as a symbol of peace, and prosperity in addition to a symbol of a new era.

Because of this, we ask for attendees to leave weapons such as balster pistols at home however command sabers and side arms will be allows but are not to be used in any type of violence.


Fleet Admiral T. Evore
Acting Supreme Joint Cheif
Zweihander Union Supreme War Council