[background=rgb(8,8,8)]Name: XP32-R

Region: Companion Grek
System: DeltaX-47
Suns: 1 Type Unknown, likely artificial or modified to sustain life through Unknown means.
Orbital Position: Habitable
Moons: XT32-R
Coordinates: Where Companion Grek Used to be on the Map
Rotational Period: 34 Hours
Orbital Period: 245

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type 1
Climate: Controlled Humid
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Black Swampland, Black Forests

Native Species: Evidence of a long dead, unknown species have been found
Immigrated Species:
  • Human
  • Vong
  • Glaucus
  • Zeltron
  • Chiss
  • Ewok
  • "Swamp" Krayt Dragons
  • Dragonsnake
  • Swamp Slug
  • Various other Small Game and Sentient Life Forms
Primary Languages: All
Government: Hive Mind, Dictatorship
Population: Unkown
Demonym: The Dark, The Horde, Legion for we are One
Major Imports:
  • Consumables
  • Starship and Droid parts
  • Clothing
  • Various Species
  • {Note These May or May not be from The Galaxy}
Major Exports: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Major Locations:
Primary Research and Processing Lab
Seemingly abandoned and falling apart from the inside out, the Primary Research and Processing Lab in a past life was used by the planet's unknown "settlers" to conduct research and a strange artifact found in its desolate and dangerous Swamps. While many similar buildings dot the landscape of the planet and its icy moon, this one is by far the largest. Despite its decrepit state, it still holds a large amount of power as the day to day tasks handled by droids still continue with the seemingly endless supply of power. There is also evidence to support that it is still providing power to essential Research labs throughout the 32-R system. What this one's primary use was or is unknown.

The Dead Swamp
The Dead Swamp is an expanse of land around the Primary Research and Processing Lab. Essentially a no-man's land the swamp is filled with The Dark, both man and Beast making it incredibly for any sentient or non-sentient to survive. Outside of The Dark there are also still the normal predators like the Dragonsnake and Swamp Krayt.

With parts of the water reaching depths of 400 feet it is nearly impossible to traverse on foot which may or may not be good for whoever finds themselves unfortunate enough to be in the swamps of XP32-R.

Station XT32-R Delta
One of the earlier mentioned essential Research Labs, this one finds its home on the icy moon of XP32-R. To the eye of an outsider it seems identical to the other Research Labs dotting the planet. What makes this one so special...? {To Be revealed in Thread}

Culture: The culture of the original species has been lost through the Millennia. However, the newest settlers brought with them the culture of their people and like the original species...Died out for the most part. What they left behind was a legacy of technological genius and scientific progress. The current inhabitants however seem to be working in a sort of hive mind. They have their own tasks but other than that, their culture revolves around doing what they are told from some unseen, unheard being.
Technology: Past Galactic Standard, mostly unsalvageable or compatible with current Galactic Standard Technology.
History: Millennia have passed since the destruction of the original species that called this godforsaken planet home. In that time several attempts have been made to make the planet livable, its most recent attempt at civilization ending in a catastrophic event known throughout the Galaxy as the "Dark Harvest". A major base of operations of some unknown force from beyond the main Galaxy. However, due to a discovery of several artifacts and assault plans were delayed in favor of this new research. The research drove the holders of the labs mad and it quickly spread to the fleet stationed on the opposite side of the planet's icy moon.

Realizing this the would be invaders pulled everything they could, back destroying a great many of their strange Hex Ships, leaving a graveyard to float around the planet and its moon. The three artifacts were scattered and operations ended. However...Whatever started this madness has returned after several hundred years and the labs have begun to work again and the dead stalk their halls, performing the duties they had in life. To what end...No one can say.
{More History will be revealed and added in an update after the Mandalorians discover the planet}
Notable PCs: Kayne
Intent: To Give the Mandalorians a tangible goal in their quest for Forbidden Fruit