It's only been a day since Taanab. A day since the Confederacy of Independent Systems thought it wise to liberate a sovereign planet from a culture who did not run it. A day, since my home was destroyed a second time. A day since I nearly destroyed myself, and discovered my Force sensitivity.
And now, simply for being part of the United Clans of Mandalore, my entire clan has been branded terrorists. Terrorists for crimes done by other clans. Terrorists, for existing. They scream of war crimes, murder, destruction, yet they do not look within themselves to see their own. It does not matter, for there is no arguing with those who see only what they wish to see.
I can not return the people of Taanab home while it is still destroyed. I have known them most of my life by now, and I can not bear to see their heartbroken faces. I pray that the Clans will answer my call to rebuild Taanab, lest I rebuild my home myself.