Listen up galaxy! I have a stunning edition of Wookiee Leaks to share with you today. In fact this specific leak is going to rock your world - literally!

I have just learned that CEO and criminal kingpin Corruck Kazen owns a company called ReCal. And you know with such an unassuming company name you'd think ReCal would manufacture, oh I don't know maybe flimsi plast clips or replacement droid chips. But no, Mr. Kazen has other plans for ReCal. Like manufacturing a special top-secret weapon for orbital bombardment. Yes that is fancy military-speak for a NUCLEAR BOMB!

The weapon during the testing phase showed promise and is rumored to be capable of wiping out a small city like Coruscant. Well not really Coruscant. I just added that for dramatic effect. But a small city nonetheless. There is even a ship that Mr. Corruck made with his bare hands that is capable of handling and unleashing these bombs. NUCLEAR BOMBS!

In other criminal news, my sources tell me that Cryax Bane has been seen house-hunting on Nar Shaddaa. Could a Ravens HQ move from Antecedent be in the works? And could it be that the Rebel Alliance is giving him a little more than a headache? The blue-skinned slicing savant has been spotted entering a rehab clinic for "nervous exhaustion" which we all know is celebrity code for spice addiction. Another source of mine inside the rehab clinic says that Mr. Bane is constantly covered in bandages from the multiple skin-graft surgeries he has been having, including plastic surgery to look younger. Cryax Bane isn't afraid of hacking into your network and stealing your data but he does appear to be afraid of getting old.