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Name: Hviske

Region: Outer
System: <System name>
Suns: <Number, name, and type of stars in the system>
Orbital Position: <Relative distance away from the star (ie, habital zone, 5th planet, far, close, etc) or if it orbits another planet>
Moons: <List natural satellites and any significant, permanent artificial ones>
Coordinates: <The X,Y coordinates of the planet and its relative position in them according to the Galaxy Map>
Rotational Period: <The length of a "day" on the planet>
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Class: Terrestrial - Crystalline
Diameter: 8,362 KM
Atmosphere: <Atmosphere type number>
Climate: Frozen - Warmed only by the latent atmospheric gasses trapped within it's granitic field, and the radiant light which gets spun from crystal to crystal, the environment on Hviske is predominantly frigid, with little wind and no precipitation.
Gravity: 1/2 Standard - Too much time on Hviske and a humanoid's body can become brittle with calcium depletion and muscle loss.
Primary Terrain: Crystalline Tundra & veins of caves.

Native species: None
Immigrated species: Hviskan Kinrath, Echani
Primary languages: Hive-Based Limited Telepathy
Government: Monarchical Hive Mind
Population: 4 Million
Demonym: Hviskan
Major cities: None
Major imports: None
Major exports: None
Affiliation: Army of Light/Echani

Culture: The
Technology: None
History: Thousands of years prior, the area in which Hviske rests was a solar system complete with sun, planets and moons. The sun went Nova, and in the exothermic reaction a kaleidoscope of minerals and planetary debris formed into a crystalline structure. This crystalline planetoid hung dormant in the nebulous cloud, slowly collecting precipitate gasses until acquiring a limited atmosphere.

In his pursuit for silence, empathic Jedi @Manu Xextos came upon Hviske and found the unique landscape to be both soothing and quiet. Claiming it as his own private meditation spot, he told few but his Padawans of the planetoid and after saving a Kinrath Queen from poachers, who had implanted Force Crystals in her thorax, (one of the twin crystals being given to Manu by the insectoid Queen and becoming the basis for his Lightsaber Nuada, Manu moved the Queen and her entire hive to Hviske.

Over the centuries, this hive of non-sentient creatures became adapted to and protective of their home, and when Ahani Najwa-Keth came to rescue her husband Raien & her son Manu from killing each other, it was in her moment of supreme dedication and outpouring of the Force that the Krystalsøvn sealed the three away within the inert crystal of the network of caves. The Hviskan Kinrath grew intensely protective of the Krystalsøvn cavern, and will attack any who venture near it.


Notable PC's:
  • @Manu Xextos
  • @Ahani Najwa-Keth
  • @Raien Keth

Intent: Hviske's intent is to give a resting place for the Krystalsøvn, and a place to touch on for future plots involving Manu, Raien and Ahani.