The more mathematically inclined among you may have noticed that I've been offline for about a month. I'm neck-deep in grading exams and a host of other obstacles, and won't be around for a bit. Had fun with my second stint as a Fringe admin, and we got some cool stuff done, but I don't have the energy to do it justice. Handed Tion over to Sasha Santhe a couple weeks ago, and I'm hardly central to the Jedi Academy, and the Council finally got around to taking custody of the holocron access codes, so, basically, everything's covered. And that means I'm only leaving many people in the lurch.

There's also the writer's block. Can't write a worthwhile word.

After talking with a couple of people, here's what's going on with my characters for now - their holding patterns, so to speak:

Ashin and the Chimaera have poofed into the deep Unknown Regions, ostensibly to fight unspecified nastiness.

Jorus, now that the holocron access codes are in the Grandmaster's hands, is happily fighting with the Underground, though it's grown large enough (in PC and NPC terms) that he's not necessary at the top.

Shule is still one of the teachers at the Yavin Praxeum - feel free to NPC him as necessary.

Selka/Velok is still doing business, mainly involving building a hyperlane into the Unknown Regions.

Rave is permadead.

Seren is off hunting monsters.

Parash is still working for the One Sith in an engineering sort of capacity.

Mara is still with the Rebel Alliance (in a peripheral sort of way).

Alec is still fighting for the Underground and stealing things.

Linna is still doing drugs.

If you notice a common theme of 'me not being in charge of stuff', that's intentional.