Time is no longer a matter of 'when', but 'where'. This galaxy I have awakened to is familiar yet alien to me. So much has changed and yet it all seems the same. Even now, after so many centuries locked away, the Jedi and Sith continue to fight and die and be reborn over and over and over again. The histories I've scoward through have shown me much. Yet there is so little to understand. There is one constant factor: war. The war with the Old Sith Empire. The Galatic Civil War. The Clone Wars. All of it! All greater games played by the Sith and Jedi to effectivly try to destory the other. Some try to preach that the cause is far greater than that, but I am no fool. I can see deeper than most. The galaxy will forever be at war as long as the two Orders exsist.​
While I would never call them friend the Sith have proven more effective in the long run. Names like Darth Bane, Darth Vader, and Darth Sidious have proven to darken the hearts of many. And for good reason. They have all come close to forever destroying the Jedi, more often than the Jedi have at ever wiping out the Sith. But nothing can ever truly end, can it? That was what the Mother told me during my time with the Nightsisters. Nothing would ever truly end. And I cannot lie to myself in thinking that the Jedi and Sith could be wiped out for good.​
But it seems my clan has not been without faults of their own. In my readings the name Asajj Ventress came up. A witch of Dathomir who became a personal apprentice and assassin to the one known as COunt Dooku. Even to this day the Sith still see the potential in our people, and as always they've proven to be distrceet. But even that relationship soon soured and our clan was wiped out. I wish I was there with what I knew. Perhaps it would have helped. But so many were lost, even Daka. I still remember her when she was no different from me, a young witch trying her best to train and please the Mother. She came so far and could have been great, but now she's nothing more than a forgotten relic. I am the only one truly left of the old ways. The Nightsisters still exsist but they are a pale reflection of what they used to be. Some have turned to lighter magics for portection. They are weak! The Winged Goddess and the Fanged God can offer more than that, but they even fear to ask of them.​
I do not.​
I will bring the Nightsisters back. I will restore the order. I will remind them of them of our power. The Jedi and Sith will know of our return to the galaxy one way or another! I am a ghost of the past come to haunt them. I need time to prepare and grow strong, but I can wait. I have slept for centuries, what is a few more years or so? But this promise I make, that all will know and fear.​
The Bird of the Goddess is my name. Eating my wings to make me tame.​