A recent HoloNET speech broadcast by the New Star League regarding the Remnants

Lord Susni of Alula
Citizens of the New Star League and of the Galaxy, good evening. I come to you today to announce that House Susni has taken a most drastic step in the furtherance of good governance, good morals, and goodwill among the populace. I have decreed that my sister Arla Susni will forthwith be disinherited and exiled, unnobled and attainted.

Understand that I could not take this action lightly, and only under these gravest of circumstances. I fear that insidious political influences remain a danger to all of us, and in this case that those unpatriotic, undutiful and even traitorous examples among us must be brought to account. Through her actions, my sister has betrayed the League and her duty to the people, and left me with little choice in this regard.

It must be known that she is not an individual to be trusted or befriended, nor a fit and proper person with whom to associate for citizens of good breeding and good character. No true citizen of the galaxy would have any dealings with this.... exile.

This doxy, this abominable traitor is no longer one of us. She has spat on the ideals of family, of monarchy, and responsible noble rule. Her dangerous socialist and even democratic leanings are well known to all. She has taken many other traitors and scum under her spell, and brought the treason far and wide into the military. This harridan is no longer worthy of being called one of us. I deny her and I abjure her. May she roast in the afterlife!

May we now go forward, with pride in the purity of our Echani race, and our New Star League, with trust in the responsible rule of those most suited to administer our society. Thankyou, and good evening.

This speech is intended as an indication of the sort of puffed up totalitarian regime the NSLR has left behind. Sort of the opposite of us.
We're very much about merit and not so much birth or wealth.
I am trying to generate some interest in a currently very basic faction which might grow if it gets some love and some interesting writers and characters
Thankyou for taking the time to read this nonsense, if you did.)

The New Star League Remnants
Very basic faction outline, history, tech, etc

Very very basic chatroom