Absolutely nothing.
We're going to do absolutely nothing, because it's not a problem.
It's not an issue. It's not wrong to have friends. It's not incorrect behavior to not like someone and stay away from them.
It's called society, and its very imperfect, unlike your dreamworld where everyone loves your ideas.
It just happens in communities. We get bigger, several smaller communities form within. Everyone likes doing whatever they like, not everyone is going to be on board with what you want to do.
clique (noun)
a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.
You have friends? Bam, clique.
You like hanging out with people? Bam, clique.
You like playing a video game and other people have that same video game, but some people don't because they too po'? Bam, clique.
Do you have a group, but not everyone in existence is in that group? Bam, clique.
"But Tef, it says "readily allow others to join them' in the definition?"
That's contextual and can be applied to the fact that you're not actively recruiting people or going out of your way. Like most groups do. I know my friends don't go out of our way looking for new people, but it happens.

This is the reality of the issue.
Stop trying to use it as an excuse for your behavior and problems.