The Wardens.
That’s something else, huh? When Mara Merrill approached me I had no idea what to say. She mentioned something about how it was for spacer types, a unique spin on being of service to others. Not the Jedi, but not dark, not really anything… Just being. I still want to see if my family line can get reestablished with the Jedi, though. I’m going to follow their teachings. Well, in so far that I learn them from the Levantine Sanctum. Sure, I go to that Jedi Academy every so often, but I’m busy. LAA work and some frontiers work.
Yeah, I know, you’d say I’m my father’s daughter, working to get my schooling through an Astronautics academy and making my way around the galaxy as an explorer. Sure, maybe I am… But he’d never been approached to be a Warden!
I mean, sure, I’m going to listen to some of what my dad told me, because it makes sense. You don’t let people take away someone else’s freedom, and you make sure anyone in space is safe before you leave them be, especially if you can tell they’re having issues or they’re setting out a distress call. That all makes sense… But how do I work the Force into this? Who do I choose to fight? Do I fight all pirates? Or do I threaten them until they go away?
I know I’m going to need a lightsaber, I’ll be heading to Tash-Taral with the Levantines, there is something important going on there, I feel I need to be there. I know Mara said no blasters, no lightsabers, but what if I need one? I guess I need to learn a bit more.
What to carry, how to use the Force.
Protect those who need help, free those who need help, don’t screw over salvagers, and fix ships that you can. Tow ships to safety, and chase off pirates. Stop all Reavers. And… watch out for Yuuzhan Vong, they’re unpredictable.
I wonder what part of the galaxy I can work with?
Should I even tell my father that I’m doing this? I can’t, but he’s my Dad!