I was five years old when I was introduced to war, I was twenty when I finally died from it, or was I twenty-one? I cant remember. It has been the center piece of my life, the gravitational pull keeping me stuck in orbit around the fires of chaos. I remember very little...Id dont remember why I was in a war at five, or what happened afterwards, though I assume I was Mandalorian, doing what we Mandos do...war....kill. When did I fire my first gun? I dont remember. I do remember, though, the Czars. Man, let me tell you, when I first put that large karking needle in my arm, it was like sticking a damn molten steel re-bar in my arm. That bone stuff was like a large flow of lava in my veins, and everything was just red. Then came the muscle thread poodoo. Becoming what I am now...it was hell. It was the persona of war being put in my body, and now....and now that's all I am. War. I should be god now called War. Or something...do you think I could get the ladies if I was a god called War? Probably not.
I remember when Rolland, and I first went into to battle...he didnt understand why I was so caring, so brother like. He didnt understand the Mando way. I tried to help him understand, I think he did in the end. I presume him dead, and along with that, a part of me is gone. With war being put in my body, things had to be taken..love..friends, and family. None of that matters now.
When does war become too much? It was already too much, when the man in charge first began to think about war as a solution to whatever karking problem he had, it had become too much. I dont think anyone will ever understand that. A man, made for war, who hates war. I swear I will not fight in another war, for no one, for no reason. I thought joining the Galactic Empire would be a good thing, my people didnt want me...but these people did. Too bad I didnt see through the Doc's lies sooner...maybe Rolland would still be alive today. I cant, but think, what do I do now? If I have sworn off war, and I was made for war...what does a war machine do without war? It rots away, fades into the abyss, forever forgotten by those he had effected, good, adn bad.

Though I feel a darkness coming...I dreamed the other day...more war. Blood ran deep into the fox holes, and the no man's land littered with bodies. It was terrifying, but maybe this my destiny. Fight off this darkness that comes as harbinger to the galaxy's demise. The darkness spread so fast, so swiftly, a lot of people had died. Who is coming, why do they come? When can I kick their sorry asses back to system they come from?

War...it lets no man sleep.....