I will be posting short stories based around the wars of the Commonwealth every now and again. They're only snippets. Consider these stories as Commonwealth canon. Enjoy.

[ T H E M E ]


0115 hours
Colony Ruins
Gannaria, Commonwealth Colonies

Beau couldn't help but panic in the silence. They had to be silent, they were still out there. Damn aliens had torched an entire city, death toll estimates from the Battlenet was somewhere in the million range shortly before they lost connection twelve hours ago. The fly-boys hadn't arrived yet and what was left of the Marine Corps and Colonial Militia on Gannaria was relatively unknown. For all Beau knew, his squad were the last jarheads standing. Sure felt like it.

The view over the city told the story. A jungle of crumbling skyscrapers. Fires that burnt long into the night and occasional screaming cut short. He caught the sight of a blaster bolt in the distance a few hours ago but besides that he hadn't seen much since daylight. It was too dark to tell if the alien fleet was still in orbit at this time of night. "Henry," Beau whispered, craning his neck to peer in through the shattered window, the walls were half-melted but stable.

Henry was perched against a piece of duracrete ceiling, cooking Beau's dinner before the last of them went to sleep for the night. Beau would stay on lookout for another two hours before they rotated. "What do you want?" Henry asked, his voice showed his exhaustion. His head bobbed down then shot back up, fighting sleep. "You think the fleets going to come?"
"Do you mean - do I think the fleet is going to save us?" Henry said, turned around and looked Beau dead in the eye, "I don't think we'll make it that long." The hairs on Beau's arm stood on end, he turned back around to look over the city, clutching his '101 just a little tighter.