Journal Entry: #8.
Subject: War.
Yesterday Dad told Loreena and I about the fighting that's started between our Cousin, Yasha's people and the Silver Jedi Order. Apparently some of the Silver Jedi went off to meet with a bunch of other leaders of the Confederacy and the Outer-Rim Coalition. There were even some Imperials there. According to what Dad told us, Umbara wasn't the only world that got hit by Mandalorians, but something went down on Eshan and H'ratth too. I was only there on Umbara, and I had hoped that'd be the worst of it...-But it gets so much worse than that.
I was right to be worried, Mom's staying with Yasha now, who's the leader of the Mandalorian's and now going to be on the opposite side of this War. Both Dad, Asaraa and all the people I've met like Yuroic and Jairdain are with the Silver Jedi...-But then there's Mom over there, probably with Lori by now, too. I don't think I've seen her that upset before, in all the time we lived with each other. Dad just seemed...-I dunno, like he had shut himself off somehow. Like somehow he had accepted what's happening...-He said he wished things were different, but he didn't really show much of anything when he spoke to us. Not before I left, anyway.
How are you supposed to deal with something like this? I can still remember competing against Uncle Kaine back on Commenor during one of those stupid war games. It was the same day I met Beth for the first time. Back then, even Dad spent time with the Clans...-Or at-least with Clain Raxis, because of Mom being a part of it somehow. Lori knows all the details better than I do.
Some of the things that Dad was saying..."Fighting for the greater good", the needs of the many and all that kinda crap. That's all well and good, and I couldn't even argue it but it still doesn't make it any damn easier knowing that I'm gonna want to be fighting alongside Asa so she doesn't get herself killed out there, and potentially coming across my own Sister or Mother being with the enemy. I don't know about everyone else but I know Mom and Lori aren't bad people, they just care about people on that side, the same sorta way that I care about the people I've met with the Jedi.
Last time I recorded an entry in this thing, I was thinking of getting Asaraa to move in with me. I've got the place but...-Everything's changing so quickly, I can't ask her and try to move away when my families split in half like this. Why is there an entire culture based on fighting people anyway. Raiding planets like Umbara, targeting innocent people like they did. It's just bloody horrible...I didn't want to say it in front of Loreena but I get why Dad's having to do what he is, law and order and all that stuff. He said that if there aren't any consequences, then raids like Umbara and the others will keep happening, but why does our whole family need to be stuck in the middle of it all.
Ever since Mom and Dad were the leaders of Commenor, politics has been their focus, it's ruled our lives really. Ruled and now ruined...-Or at-least, it will do if we have to fight each other. I don't know why they couldn't just be like normal parents and not get involved in this kind of thing...
What's going to happen when one side wins this thing? What will that look like for Mom, Dad or Lori...If they survive it in the first place, does that then mean they'll be imprisoned? The way Dad was talking sounded like he's convinced Mom's chosen a side in it all with the Mandalorians. If they win, what happens to Dad and me? Ugh, things were so much simpler when I was out there with Asha and the rest of the Je'daii. But they're gone. They have been for ages.
Who am I gonna lose next? Better yet, who's gonna still be around after all of this.