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Name: Votswana
Designation: Non-Sentient
Homeworld: Zanjiani
Language: N/A
Average height of adults: 2 Meters
Skin color: Pale
Hair color: Shades and hues of brown
Breathes: Type I
  • Capable of Flight
  • Sharp Talons to defend itself
  • Strong horns
  • Slow flier
  • Weak, hollow bones
  • Weak leg joints
  • Deathly allergic to Burra Fish and Burra Fish oil
  • Long, lanky legs
  • Similar body shape to a deer or other hoofed mammal
  • Bird feet
  • Long beak
  • Beady Eyes
  • Pointed ears pressed against the head
  • Long, strong horns
  • Great wings
Average Lifespan: If left alone Votswana can live to be 1,000 years old
Races: None
Estimated Population: Population unknown
  • Incredibly rare in places where there is water
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Algae
  • ​Deathly allergic to Burra Fish
  • Melodic Chirps
  • Melodic caws
Culture: In Zanji culture, the Votswana is a legendary creature thought to bring good luck on those who gaze upon it or hear its song. They are believed to be the messengers of Zettallia, bringing the Old God's good luck and as a sign that a child with extraordinary gifts will be born in the tribe. It is also believed that Allyan priests commune with them and use them as their godly messengers.
Technology level: None
General behavior: Solitary and elusive creatures the Votswana has little actual data recorded. What is known however is that it does not mate for life and gives birth to live young whom the mother will stay with until the can fly. They eat water based creatures like fish, frogs and several different types of algae, though weather or not there are specific fish which it prefers is unknown.
History: First noted in recorded Zanji history for its beauty, it did not become the messenger of Zettallia until much later in recorded Zanji history. Almost one thousand years it was believed to be extinct until it was sited flying over the Bayou in 787 ABY. However, the Gulag Plague allowed the species to come back, at least as much as a species as long lived as the Votswanna can as they only gave birth once in their lifetime. Even now it is arguably one of Zanjiani's rarest creatures and is officially protected by the White Heart Tribe in Jamel as a national treasure, whatever that means to a planet of various tribes and loose political alliances.
Notable Player-Characters: N/A