It is not often that one may create rather than destroy. Too often in history and modern times we see destruction take precedence over progress. No thought is given to the architect or masons responsible for the cathedrals and palaces wantonly destroyed by low-browed mongrels seeking only to take the shattered bricks from others of their ilk. Not an iota of remorse is felt when entire ecosystems are laid bare and burned to the very dirt below so that one tyrant might gain a miniscule advantage over another despot. No, these... Degenerates think nothing of such destruction as they wage their minor tantrums across the stars. They do not think with brain cells and logic, only with aggression and a thirst for blood.

Such a view may paint me in a more... Pacifistic light. I assure you such is not the case.

While my indignation is sincere, my outlook on armed conflict is... Indifferent. It is the game of primitives, but it has its uses, I suppose. Indeed, it sometimes paves the way for... Improvements...

For every world razed, every ecosystem destroyed, a new gap arises within the complex tapestry we have named "life"; a new... Chapter, as it were. When one author's works are lost, do we replicate their words and ideals as best we can? No... To do as such is to sully their efforts, to... Steal their intellectual works... We start anew, we start from scratch.

It is an intriguing process in its own right. Life is always present. Life is always struggling to survive, even in the harshest conditions. Bacteria feeds on the environment while other strains of organisms feed on the bacteria. It continues on and on until one finally arrives at the realization that a rancor hunting and devouring its prey functions the same way, albeit with far greater complexity.

... I wonder if predatory bacteria feel the same sense of... Satisfaction as a rancor does crunching a skull between its teeth...

Regardless, it is of no matter. With each war and each burning the gap grows wider, the opportunities grow ever stronger. We cannot replace nature's work with an exact copy, which forces us to apply our own talents to the issue.

The creation of life is a difficult and treacherous path. Instead, we shall take a safer, more economic route to the goal.

The alteration of preexisting life.

My time with the One Sith has given me plenty of opportunities to understand such things are not only possible, but are... Practical, as well. The repurposing of a species to a different biome or even a separate role within nature has endless uses. Others see such things as "twisting" nature or, perhaps, inherently toying with the Force... But not I...

My work requires more... Robust aides. Too often have I been required to... Replace my assistants after a series of excursions for supplies or test subjects. This last replacement, a botched foray to Felucia, was the final straw for my patience.

I took the survivors that returned to my lab and repurposed them as test subjects. To my disappointment, the team leader failed to survive leaving me with only the empty handed remnants of the expedition, but it was no matter. They would suffice.

I took them one by one and began unraveling their genetic code. Almost immediately I realized that only human DNA could be used for what I desired. The few non-humans and near humans of the group were dealt with and disposed of, leaving me to focus on the humans remaining in the group.

Bit by bit their DNA was mapped out until I had a complete code for each individual. At this point it was mere child's play to take the DNA from various test subjects in my laboratory and determine the most successful method of genetic splicing. It took weeks, time from my primary experiments, and the lives of most of the test subjects, but end result was entirely worth the effort.

I used the human genetic code as a baseline template and inserted and altered the appropriate sections to my taste. Surprisingly, it was the DNA from the Akk Dog, native to Haruun Kal, that produced the optimal specimen, albeit with a great amount of genetic tinkering. As one of my assistants aptly stated before being ripped to shreds an hour later, it was akin to reshaping a durasteel square port with a drill and molten metal to fit a circular power line.

Laymen's terms aside, it was difficult, but worthwhile. The resulting creature is optimal for my needs.

They stand taller than humans and on par with the Wookiee race, though due to their stooped shoulders and hunched body, they appear to be only as tall as the tallest humans. Their shoulders are broad and their bodies strong, allowing them to complete and weather the most difficult tasks assigned. They are faster than most humans, easily outrunning the few test subjects I pitted them against in mere moments, though I suspect those who are Force sensitive may be able to outrun them. They are armed with natural weapons such as claws and teeth, though I believe some may still possess enough rudimentary intelligence to utilize simple tools such as weapons and basic research equipment. Their hides are thick and strong, though unlike the Akk Dog they are not lightsaber resistant, though the creatures do show a high resistance to blasters, kinetic impacts, and seem able to slow a lightsaber's blow to an extent in a manner similar to armorweave. To complete the assessment, they seem to follow a type of pack mentality and communicate through a mixture of grunts, growls, and body language. They are extremely loyal to their creator, myself, and while unable to speak Basic due to a changed jaw structure, they do seem capable of understanding the language, though complex tasks appear to confuse them.

In short it seems my experiment was a success. Fortunately, now that the methodology is sound and can be replicated, more of these hybrids can be created with relative ease. I expect the next batch to be ready in only a few week's time.

It seems I have... Solved my staffing problems...