Vhe'viin Tactical Visor MK I


Image Source: http://prettyfloralbonnet.deviantart.com/art/Garrus-Visor-407175411
Intent: To provide Pror Vhe'viin a replacement for a standard Mandalorian Helmet due to his unique anatomy requirements. (Standard HUD & Performance as a Mandalorian Helmet).
Development Thread: If Necessary.
Manufacturer: Pror Vhe'viin
Model: VTV MK I
Affiliation: N/A
Modularity: No.
Production:[background= [color=rgb(218,165,32)]Unique[/color][background= [/size]

Material: Mandalorian Steel, Duraplast, Copper
Classification: Other
Weight: 46 grams
Quality: .5-1.0
Special Features:
[background=[color=rgb(0,255,0)]Strengths[/color]: Highly durable, shock proof. (Due to the materials used in construction and the manner in which is was designed, it is durable in all weather conditions and is contact/shock resistant.
Weaknesses: While highly durable, it is easily disabled with ionic interference. In addition as it is a unique prototype, it has yet to have the operating consistency of a normal Mandalorian Helmet.

Description: Just as a typical Beskar'gam Helmet, the eyepiece provides a tactical interface for the user (Pror Vhe'viin). It was meant to replace the advantages of the internal HUD but did sacrifice some functionality as it is a small and open device. It performs well however it is prone to failures due to it's highly prototype nature. Several functions were dropped due to the modification on the original system and having to cut back based on size restraints. This particular piece of modified technology has been designed to fit a Trandoshan's anatomy.
Primary Source:[background=rgb(30,30,30)] http://starwarsrp.net/topic/79433-guide-how-to-armor/