Vector Credits​
Manufacturer: ANNIE / Golan Arms
Model: Currency Coin
Affiliation: Annie, Annie's House
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Farium (1VC), Guerrerite (10VC), Aurodium (100VC)
Description: Vector Credits, or VC, are the sole currency for Annie's House, they can be purchased at the Front Desk with Galactic Credits. Staying 1 night costs 1 Vector Credit. A guest is only allowed to stay for a max of 10 nights, but hey can have extra free nights should they flash, show, or purchase at the time of paying for a room one of the other credits. Showing or purchasing a 10VC, while paying with 1VC's, will give an extra 5 days for free. Paying for a whole 10 nights with one 10VC will also bring this free deal. Showing or purchasing a 100VC at the time of room purchase, will allow you to stay an additional 10 days. Showing a 100VC or 10VC can not give you both deals; the max Annie will allow you to stay is 20 nights, then you have to leave.
There are limits to daily purchases; If someone wants to buy multiples of any VC, they can only purchase 10 coins of each a day (Excluding the 100VC. The 100VC has a max purchase of 1 per day). The coins will never expire on their own, so Annie can also act as a bank service; You can refund your coins for Galactic Credits at any time. The limit on purchases is so that Annie's House doesn't sell all of its coins so quickly, as it holds a small amount of each of the coins to deter robbery of Galactic Credits.
Showing a 10VC or 100VC is required at the door to the Bar and Nightclub to gain entrance. The 1VC is for our standard guests, while our 10VC is for our welcomed guests, and 100VC for our Special Guests. They signify the importance of our guests, and determine levels of compensation should anything happen. Similar to an insurance company, but there are no recurring payments. Examples might be... for simple issues or problems; 1VC Guests would receive a full refund of their night(s) stay, and allowed to stay for free should they have anymore nights left from their original purchase. 100VC Guests would receive compensation in the form of a free 10VC which can be used like any other VC. 100VC Guests would receive compensation in the form 10 nights free on their next visit plus two 10VC's. The compensations can vary depending on the issues or problems encountered (especially if one issue is just a broken bed and another is a bounty hunting attempt on a Guests life).
1,000 Credits
10,000 Credits
100,000 Credits

Lifetime Vector Credit​
Manufacturer: ANNIE / Golan Arms
Model: Currency Coin
Affiliation: Annie, Annie's House
Production: Limited
Material: Frasium (1,000VC)
Description: The Lifetime Vector Credit, equivalent to a 1,000VC and priced at 1,000,000 Credits is almost the last VC you will ever need. The compensation level is near equal to any CEO level company owner of a high quality and high profitable company with their insurance. Free Escort by ANNIE personnel upon arrival in G'rho space and when leaving; when reserving a room, or Lifetime Guest pays only 5VC and can stay for 20 nights per visit, or however long they need; Special Escorts where available for ANNIE Private Security available for free in any form (Infantry, Vehicle, Ships, combinations); A single coin is a sign of investment in ANNIE and as such the Guest will acquire 2% total profits each month from ANNIE; Compensation levels reaching 500m+ ships of various models; Guaranteed enjoyable stay each visit or 2x 10VC's will be made as compensation if stay was not adequate. Benefits only available upon showing Lifetime Coin at each visit.
Lifetime VC
1,000,000 Credits