We were talking about invasions over in the GR forums and I posted a few little 'guides' for winning, actually winning, losing, and life in general. Apparently people liked it, so I'm posting a full, more serious version here.
Disclaimer: The advice on life section is 90% satirical. Don't quote me on it.
Secondary Note: Van-Daalen is my pen name.

Van-Daalen's Guide To Winning:
  • Know your tech. Spend some time on Wookiee and get to know the more common types of weapons. Find out what works best against what (especially if you're going to fight a force user). Go through your faction's armory, see what they have. If they don't have something you think you want/need, check through Wookiee for canon items. The categories there are a huge help. Want a slugthrower? Search slugthrower in the search tab on Wookiee, find the article on slugthrowers and scroll to the bottom. There should be a little list of categories that the article fits. One should be, 'shockingly'. slugthrowers. Click on that and you should find a list of slugthrowers. The same goes for other types of weapons.
  • Fight smart. Use your environment. Pay attention to your opponent (what they do, how they do it, and what they use to do it). Play to your strengths. Having trouble? Talk to another writer, whether one in your faction or just a friend of yours, get their thoughts on what to do. My inbox is always open, even if we aren't close or necessarily in the same faction. As long as you're polite, I'll be willing to see if I can help.
  • Take hits. I know what you might be thinking... how does taking damage help you win? Well, for one, it helps make sure that you don't come off like a power-gaming bumbleweed who thinks that they're invincible. If you come off as one of those, then people will be less likely to take hits themselves, and they'll probably not want to work with you in general. But don't think you have to take every hit all of the way. Nope. I suggest reading Ashin's guide on taking a measured hit. It's a damn good read.
  • Keep your 'foe' happy OOC. Don't be a jerk, regardless of what you think of them or their fellow writers. If they start being a jerk, then contact your FA. Don't be a jerk back, alright? Sinking to their level makes you just as bad. Not to mention that, shocker, sometimes misunderstandings happen. Any of the writers involved in a conflict could be misreading their partner's words. Keep in mind that on the internet people don't know what tone you're using.
  • Deal hits. If your opponent LolDodges everything, talk to them OOC about it. Politely point the issues out. If they resist, try to give them an idea of how things are from your side. Should that fail, contact a FA. Worst case scenario? You two stop dueling and find other opponents. Gasp! Seriously though, stopping a duel might seem like it would count against you, but your fellow writers should understand. If they don't, well, then give them the 'ol razzle dazzle. Or just take a sip from your cup of tea/wine/coffee. Casually. Casualness is the key.
  • Use logic. Both IC and OOC. Logic is your friend. Logic is everyone's friend. Use it.
  • FIGHT SMART. I can't stress this enough. Keep track of your partner's movements, the environment, the details that your partner puts in, everything. Take notes while you read their posts if you have to. I'm serious, it will help.
  • Ask other writers for advice if you're stuck. Even if they can't swoop in and rescue you, they should be able to at least give you some help. I mentioned this before and I'll mention it again. While ultimately it'll be you that decides what your character will do, other writers can help you with the strategy part of it. Like I said before, my inbox is always open. Well, my inboxes. Sending me a message on my writer account, Ven's subaccount, or Nyx's subaccount will work best.
  • Read people's guides. No, not just mine. I linked you to one of Ashin's, but plenty of other people around here have written up some tips as well. At the moment I can only find two others (both by the darling [member="Reverance"]). Guide 1: Combat Ettiquette. Guide 2: Taking Hits
​Van-Daalen's Guide To Actually Winning:
AKA Van-Daalen's Guide To Having Fun
  • Try to have fun.
  • Find a writer you're chill with or get to know another writer.
  • Talk to them and discuss ideas for the fight (where on the battlefield the characters meet, how the characters might decide to fight each other, etc). Set some ground rules. For example, talk about whether or not you're willing to have your character die.
  • If you get frustrated, take a break. Drink some tea. Or coffee. Or, if you really prefer it, some sort of alcoholic beverage. Just make sure that you sober up before you get back to writing. If my pain meds can make me lose focus, then your alcohol definitely can too.
  • Have a good fight, regardless of who wins. Write a good story.
  • Maybe get sad about losing.
  • Remind yourself that this is a game, and that while we've put lots of work into it, it will never matter as much as real life and real relationships with real people. We're here to have fun, and if we treat this like it's as serious as the outernet, then we're going to get upset. While your characters can have as many bad relationships as they want, you're going to want to get along with other writers. And guess what? You can have real-life relationships (read: friendships) with these people.
  • Hopefully be less sad.
  • Remember that all of the other characters here are written by real people. Real humans. They have feelings, hopes, and dreams, just like you.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Have fun! Yay
  • Throw in kitten gifs. Lots of kitten gifs.
​Van-Daalen's Guide To Losing:
AKA Van-Daalen's Guide To Not Having Fun
  • Be the biggest jerk ever
  • Don't try to have fun
  • Take everything as painfully seriously as you can
  • Blame your failings on other people, always
  • Yell at people
  • Never compromise
  • Treat every member of a faction like your least favorite member of that faction.
  • Blame an entire faction for the actions of a few members.
  • Never have fun, ever
  • Kitten gifs are not allowed if you want to lose
​Van-Daalen's Guide To Life:
  • Look at kitten gifs a lot
  • Let your emotions build up inside for years
  • Punch walls occasionally
  • Dream about murder every night
  • Wonder why you're taking advice
  • From an emotionally unstable
  • Teenager
  • Drink more tea