*This message has been approved by the Imperial Ministry of the Interior, Imperial Strategic Command, and her Imperial Majesty, Lady Ingrid L'lerim, Empress of the Eternal Empire and Terraris


A vast procession of Eternal Imperial ultranaughts marched in crisp formation through the streets of Arcenon - the principal city of the Empire’s capital world of Kalidan - amidst cheering crowds with banners bearing the Empire’s insignia wafting in the breeze. Said columns of soldiers would make their way through the city streets to a massive clearing near the heart - a courtyard spreading acres paved in marble, a massive dais stretching at its far end with stone columns flanking either side.


The feed on your holonet terminal soon transitions to the amber waves of grain symbolizing the vast farming collectives throughout the Empire. Orchestral music softly bleeds through your speakers, the voices singing in High Nelvaanian.


Factories and shipyards would fade into place, abuzz with activity as workers milled about welding panels together, hoisting massive pallets via mechanized lifts and hovercraft. A deep, resinous voice soon speaks above the music as it in turn lowers to the background.

”For years, the people of the Eternal Empire have struggled. Our struggle has been to forge an identity amongst the stars, surrounded by those who would otherwise see our people subjugated - devoid of identity and purpose.”

“We are united. We are strong. For the first time in a very long while, our people can finally claim a measure of peace and prosperity.”


Imperial banners would soon come into view, neatly set in rows seemingly never ending while the voice continued on.

”Most importantly, we are not the Empire others may remember. For too long, we have laid silent within our borders, save for when the need has arisen to defend ourselves. But no longer!”

The battlefields of Danuta, both in space and on the ground, appear in a loop - ranging from the decimated ruins of the Bryn’adul terraforming spires, to the ruined hulks of their bioships alongside the shattered remains of Imperial ships stuck in orbit.

”The galaxy has suffered enough at the hands of evil, in the form of the Bryn’adul - of whom brave men and women within our Empire have bled to exterminate. Now, the Brotherhood of the Maw and fractured Sith Empire wax ascendant, sacking worlds previously thought unassailable.”

The smiling faces of workers from both the previously shown farmlands and industrial sectors look into the camera, their eyes mirroring their beckoning, outstretched hands in welcome.

”The people of the Eternal Empire stand ready to--”


Suddenly, and seemingly unexpectedly, the voice is interrupted by a very pronounced static. Another voice, this one female, speaks in its place.

”What you were just watching is nothing but a mixture of half-truths and lies. I don’t know how long we will be able to transmit, but the truth must get out.”

As the static plays, your holo terminal receives a notification of a file being transmitted. The file contains a packet of photos and poor quality videos, all of which forming a medley of near-conspiracy theory level ‘evidence’. Amidst that evidence lay footage of men and women of from conquered planets being arrested from their homes in the middle of the night and forced into the backs of unmarked vehicles; or pictures of notable figures giving speeches about freedom on one day, followed by stills of news articles detailing their disappearance the next day.

Then, footage of reporters and editors of said news outlets being publicly shamed for salacious ‘scandals’ which all but ruin their careers in the public eye, only for them to also disappear without a trace.

”The Empire may claim to be different today, but not everything is as it seems. Yes, those who ingratiate themselves within its social structure do not suffer from lacking the necessities, or even want for luxuries. But while they espouse the principles of ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’, those ideals have their limits I assure you.”

“Peace, as long as you submit. Security, provided you serve. Prosperity, as long as you obey.”

“That is the unspoken message the Empire conveys amongst its ‘newly incorporated’ people, who only dream of freedom and self governance. They brand us ‘terrorists’ and ‘traitors’, when it is them who are more than willing to see those who merely have a difference in belief die a gruesome death in the name of conformity and stability. Help us, please--”


The static ends, replaced by a logo of the Empire wrought in iron and chains. The same, deep voice returns, as if blissfully unaware of the interruption:

”--open our arms to the rest of the galaxy. We stand united - we stand Eternal.”