To the illegitimate usurper [member="Kay Arenais"] and those who follow her on the path of villainy,​

In your quest for personal gain and power, you, the vile and cowardly Kay Arenais, a lowly criminal fleeing from the righteous hand of justice, have laid illegitimate and illegal claim upon the Eternal Throne and its associated titles, thus attempting to usurp and steal that which already belongs to others. In doing so, you have attempted to undermine this great nation and see all of its achievements, which have been built with the blood and sweat of its valiant soldiers, come undone. This is but your latest crime against our nation and it will be your last.
In response to this and other vile crimes and atrocities committed against our nation, I, Darth Tacitus, by my authority as rightful and legitimate holder of the Eternal Throne, hereby issue this document to serve as one last olive branch, one final chance at peace.
Kay Arenais. You hereby stand accused of the crimes of high treason, terrorism, complicity to terrorist acts, conspiracy against the state, association with known terrorist groups such as the Dark Hand and United Clans of Mandalore, instigation of illegal activities, impersonating a state official, aiding and abetting fugitives, spreading Jedi and anti-militarist propaganda, the unlawful creation of a political organization and resisting arrest.
In light of these grave and vile crimes, the Eternal Empire issues the following demands, to you and those wretched criminals who follow you:
  • All military forces under the command of Kay Arenais must lay down their arms and disband within a reasonable time frame.
  • The usurper Kay Arenais must issue a formal declaration announcing the complete and unconditional surrender of herself and her followers, to the rightful authorities of the Eternal Empire.
  • Kay Arenais and the other leaders of her rebel movement must surrender themselves into the custody of the rightful authorities of the Eternal Empire, to stand trial in a court of law and face justice for their crimes.

These terms are non-negotiable. By the authority vested in me by the office and titles which I rightfully hold, I hereby demand the immediate, unconditional and total compliance with the instructions outlined within this document.
Heed this warning. Failure or refusal to comply with this ultimatum, shall leave this nation no choice but to commit to their enforcement through the means of military force against you and your followers. So far, we have been patient, we have allowed and extended you every chance and opportunity at a non-violent resolution, but now our patience has run out.
Test us and you shall pay dearly for your defiance.
Signed, Darth Tacitus the Just,
Ruler of the Eternal Empire,
Conqueror of Winter and Warlord of Nelvaan​