Here in the Netherlands it is December 29th now, the two year anniversary of me creating my account here. Tomorrow is Kaalia's second OOC birthday. Two years on this crazy site, and if there's one thing I know, it's that I don't regret it.
I decided to spruce up Kaalia's very first avatar for the occasion and bring it back for these two days, as I am a sucker for those kind of things. Fun fact- I chose that avatar before realizing it was Katarina fanart, which means my choice to use her as Kaalia's playby was through sheer coincidence.
To wrap up this silly blog post that really doesn't have any real substance to it, I want to thank everyone I've had the pleasure interacting and writing with over the last two years. I love this place, and you are the ones who have are responsible for that. I've been able to explore a style of writing I ended up falling in love with. Seriously, y'all are the greatest.
I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, that much I am sure of. Hopefully everyone else will come along for the ride with me.