Under Bogan's gaze the Brotherhood march, their reach extending into the Core Worlds intent on scrubbing out the Jedi Order from the history books and dealing a grevious blow to their enemies in the Galactic Alliance. Selvaris falls under siege, Xa Fel make ready, and Teta is put at risk. There is no questioning their true target, their true motive. If they succeed, if the MAW claim Tython and make ready their plan, a new Genesis will be at hand.


War, Death, Rebirth.

Nearly every power in the galaxy suffered on Csilla, on Korriban. Yet nothing will compare to what awaits them on Tython. The galaxy will never be the same.

Fight to defend the galaxy, fight alongside the Alliance and their allies. Battle side by side with the brave knights of the Jedi Order.


Heed the call of the Dark Voice and join the MAW HOLY CRUSADE. Destroy the Lightsworn and fight with the best of the Sith’ari’s New Sith Order.