Brotherhood of the Maw
Tribal Spotlight

The galaxy-ravaging, planet-annihilating Brotherhood of the Maw is a loose alliance of power-hungry and destructive factions, each with their own goals - often goals which only align in broad strokes. There are the Krath cultists and holy crusaders, bent on reclaiming Empress Teta and reestablishing their power in the Core. There are the "Maw-dalorians" of Death's Hand, determined to gather a new Mandalorian crusade to carve out their own blood-soaked empire. There are the neo-Imperials of the Final Dawn, intent on wielding the chaos of the Maw to sweep aside the powers of Known Space before establishing their own tyrannical order to rule over the ashes. All are manipulated in secret by the New Sith Order under the shadowy Darth Solipsis, who seeks the destruction of the Jedi - and, it is whispered, power over reality itself.

But the true core of the Brotherhood is, and has always been, its fanatical marauder tribes. These brutal warriors, united by a zealous devotion to the Three Avatars of their dark religion, make up the bulk of the Maw's fighting forces. They also reflect the chaos and disorder of the Maw as a whole, for they are far from uniform. Many different tribes wage war in the name of their Dark Voice, the Prophet of the Eternal Cycle of War, Death, and Rebirth. Pirates and primitives, slave-soldiers and greedy volunteer pillagers, urban world gangsters and savage cannibal fringers, aliens from the Unknown Regions and exiles from Known Space, all can find a place among these fierce warriors - if they are strong enough to seize it, and to endure the rigors of war against the entire galaxy. Behold the diversity of such tribes, as shown by the following three.




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