This stems from boredom.
I originally figured that 9 Darr Itah's were completed prior to the collapse of the One Sith. They were divvied up and at the end of the day after following threads people made and stories they were writing, there ended up being 10 11. Whatever. They exist as follows.
  • 5 are with the First Order, including the 'Contempt' (about to be renamed to 'Indomitable') and the 'Malice Merciless'. They are due to be refitted and re-classed. The other three are the 'Relentless (formerly Triumph),' 'Remorseless,' and the 'Implacable.'
  • 1 was salvaged by the Kathol Outback/Outer Rim Coalition. Dubbed the 'Verdict' it acts as the flagship of their Navy.
  • 1 was salvaged by Darth Abyss and turned into a space station orbiting Malachor. Once the 'Ophidia' , it is not considered possible to restore.
  • 1 was under the command of Krayzen Dratos during the OS collapse, and made its way to the Iron Empire. It remains under the Sith Lord's command. Refitted by the Iron Empire, it is now known as the 'Ragnarok.'
  • 3 remained under the control of the One Sith and Darth Ophidia. The 'Dark Prince' was the flagship of the Rogue Sith fleet at Castameer, and was destroyed by it's sister ships. Presumably the remaining two made their way to the Sith Order/Sith Ascendancy. Status unknown. At least one has been refitted and renamed the 'Blade of Fate.'
If you've interacted with one of these ships and it's not mentioned above, please let me know.