The set of TRAA was silent before a gonk droid found its way inside. They had finished a shoot earlier in the day, signing off for the night and closing shop as everyone went their own ways to find inspiration or peace.

The slow shuffle of feet along the floor and the occasional screech of its name resounding in the set. Someone had left a door unlocked, failing to push the door completely closed. NE-1 had somehow found it's way there as the little droid scanned the equipment around the set. It found a small imperfection in the power relay as a fuse threatened to short out, and at first screeching for some time before deciding that no one was arriving to resolve the issue.

Instead, the mandible arm of the little droid popped out, snipping the power line to the camera.

It made it's way to the audio booms, looking over each piece with a different scanner before coming across a small shear in the boom's audio cone. He screeched again, calling for someone to fix the device for some time. Displeased by the lack of service folk around, the arm snipped the connections to the audio booms before moving to the sound booth in the back.

It found a small fray in the wiring there, and rather than sound off once more, it instead found the hardwire plugin and snipped it rather than unplug it. The slow trudge of the droid was deafening in a silent set, the soft click of the metallic feet across the floor reminiscent of a guardian that was always watchful.

It continued to move around the studio, snipping wires to devices with small and seemingly innocuous faults.

Before long, the lights were very near the only thing with a proper and safe connection as the power droid looked over the breaker box and paused at the sight. Rough wiring lead from the main power grid to the switch, a small spoke of wiring showing as the gonk droid shrieked in displeasure.

The arm snapped out, the mandible fingers snipping the wires as the lights flickered off.

A security guard down the hall heard the final shriek, casting his gaze down the hallway. Finishing the show he was watching rather than run down the hall and see what was happening on the set down the way. And took too long to find the source

NE-1 slipped back out of the door it had come in, the latch engaging finally as the security guard came into a dead set, and scratched his head.