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BigBarranDunGoofed: Inquiry of the future of the board/fun thing you might be kicking yourself over. Which planet was it that belonged to Kaine Australis? We were about to conquer that
How are we planning on advertising the board for the future: We advertise daily. You’re already here, you’re not the one we’re advertising to.
How many major factions are required to make an Annihilation legit: Only one is required. Soloing is an option provided you make the post count.
Any chance to change Tef’s mind on map and story game not working?: “What do you want?” “Greater distinction between story and PVP” “What have you been doing with invasions? Meta posting?” laughs ensued
Tef asked: How’s the weather? (asked after John went) it’s snowing. Wanted to make a note that the Empire had evolved past the days of OG NIO and then proceeded to advertise/get Tef to join. “I solo-invaded Hoth” - Tef
Followup after Romun: Wants Tef to write an imperial character again, let Barran change his mind. Where is this drive from the other factions? Barran’s apparently a wizard
Check in after X-wing guy: why didn’t tef love react to their apocalypse thread? Do you want me to love react it? I want you to ‘Oh Yeah!’ React it
Final reflection: one final advertisement to change tef’s mind. Found that some questions were answered, others will come up. This then turned into an advertisement to get the other admins to write.

“Cringe reacts are a war crime” - Law Gremlin

Adenn/Zachariel: What are the plans for the future? Every year we try to come out with some new stuff. Last November, we said a new map was coming in. It’s still in progress. Galactic map upgrade is the next big update.
No story-related changes planned to be implemented by staff

Admiral Burtch: What was the criteria for the recall check: Criteria was posted for activity check ins (given to the Sith Order and the Empire). Overally criteria is contextually-based except when skipped, as they have for the past year. When do we say enough is enough? Staff can never agree. Tef usually takes the average and then gut judgements and staff vote from there.
Probably has another question but it was forgotten

Annasari: Curious about revisiting rebellions. Tef audibly cringed. Rebellions are hard in terms of juggling abusing rules, giving too much power to minors. “You either want to do story things or you want on the map, it’s mutually exclusive” Rebellions are Tef’s baby, so he doesn’t want to give a hard no, but it’s generally been a lose lose for staff.
Now that invasion wavers are the expectation and not the exception, will the rules be changed to reflect this and what happens if Major Factions can't find a joint vision?: Go to admins but you have to communicate with your opposition.
Will the invasion ruleset be altered to reflect the new norm: Tef will talk to the admins, but didn’t want to give Annasari the satisfaction

Basslisk: Just came to listen. “How many posts have you had in the last 6 months, dawg?” “Let’s not talk about that”

Bram: The Empire, the direction you wanted to take the board, the Empire doesn’t fit anymore. Can you expand on that?: Tef redirected to the question of ‘Why did you veto the Empire’s past vote’ Tef’s been watching the Last of Us and recommends it to everyone. Comments on it mention ‘I love when seasons end and have a finite ending, hate when things just fizzle out’ - The NIO/Empire was very inactive, to say otherwise was not reading the room - in Tef’s opinion. Factions are a constant war of attrition of activity.
We predicted RPJs would be asked back after they were waived for over a year. That happened early December. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.
You indicated that splinter factions would have difficulty taking hold, was that a misinterpretation of tone or was that a hint at something: Don’t want to see you come back 3 months later and apply with the Empire 2.0. Tef cannot stop you “it’s burger king up in this queen” but his take is “you guys have a big discord and a lot of creative folks but that’s what you’re going to do? ‘Man let’s do it again’”
Why did the Enclave not get an activity pole and why were the SO given the pole? We knew the Enclave wouldn’t pass, Tef was gunning for TSO removal. Why did he want to kill the TSO? No good reason “Enclave was great while it lasted… Mando writers are the most independent writers.”

Caulder Dune: No question. Shout out to Law Gremlin

Cay-Yo: What’s the thought process when discussing this mandate for Vassal States Mandate: We’ve never had the option for a faction to have more than one area on the map. Cay-Yo is a fan of it.
If I’m a MFO, why would I use it? What’s the intended use? Tef was drinking heavily when we posted mandates. If they’re bad, blame the rest of staff (that’s a lie, blame tef)
For activity checks in the future, can you shed hexes to pass a check?: No.

Tefka’s vision: Crush the community’s soul

Cheese Pinger Carlyle: No questions

Cynthia Solus: Minor faction flair update from march, when will it be updated? Admins will harass tef later (https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/minor-faction-flair-art-contest.164165/ for reference)
Another question regarding faction displays on characters, Tef requested to be sent the suggestion link for follow-up
What’s your (tef) next writing project: Tef likes droids. What’s stopping him? Laziness and admin duties.

Darth Maliphant: How do we know the Veto won’t become a norm? How often does Tef veto votes? Normally the rest of the team

Fyre || Draigo | Korvan (Empire): Left before time

Gwyn|AokiMira|Olaya: Wondering if there will be more art competitions? Tef passes that on to Srina

Hacks: At work, cannot scream. Idea for Vassal States was to give criminal factions to have influence but not just in one area. Did not actually have a question. Shout out to any Red Ravens still around

Isla Draellix | Cass Gemini: No questions How many posts do you have in the last 6 months? 700 ish

Ivory Stroud: what is the precedent for one-hex Majors? Is it acceptable to have a one-hex major on the map, and avoid the map game? Kind of. But you still have to interact with other majors - it’s the point of being on the map. It’s not solo minecraft. It’s aloud and has happened before

Jae: No questions

Jax Thio: No questions

John: Shout out to the factory judges. Who’s the worst factory judge? Tef.

Jyvvi: How there could be more interaction between majors and minors? Rest of the question proceeded to cut off. Gotta work all together, don’t care if you have something against the MFO or other issues. If we’re lacking in opportunities for interacting with majors (shoutout to Zef for originally coming up with junctions) 60% of the website usage is from mobile, bad divs make everything a bad time.
What was the idea for major and minors: Both were created at the same time. Minor was for just groupings, because we didn’t have discord. Major was where map game came into play. People love visual representation

Kyrel Ren: No questions Shoutout to Second Great Hyperspace War participants

Law Gremlin: We moved away from RPJs for invasions, what are we supposed to do if you want to invade a faction that’s death gripping the map? Is it really just a work it out on you’re own it’s tough luck?: You would report it to the Admins. If it’s obvious you’re getting stonewalled we’ll talk to them. Mandatory cooperation. The minute you went on the map, the minute you lost your control over who you interact with. Law Gremlin now regrets choices to not invade. RPJs will not be going back to invasions. Cooperate or else

Legault: No questions

Listib Hibin: Can we use the oblivion map still? Technically yes, we just haven’t updated it yet. Would it be possible to start in oblivion instead of galaxy map?: Yes. If the community really wanted to we could revisit. Thanks to the factory, RPJs are great, so is contractually codex. Hail Valiens, Tef, and Srina.

Matt, the radar tech: What is the new definition and expectation of major factions to align with new directions for the board and future changes?
What are those board changes and new focuses, and will they determine approval - or denial - of majors if they don't fit within the new direction of the site? Yes. That’s always been the case. Admins have always had to approve major factions and owners.
Will there be limitations on future faction ideas/concepts that don't fit into the new direction of the site? We don’t go through concepts and say ‘I don’t like ___’ an admin can vote yes to making a faction major without giving a reason, an Admin cannot vote no without a reason. ‘Not fitting the new direction of the website’ is less the concepts and more the people. Have to make sure the right people are in the right spots.
Burtch follow up: Is there any discussion on adding a middle ground between major and minor: Absolutely not.
Any update on a criminal map?: Underworld map is on the backburner.

Mope: No questions How do you think this talk is going? Am I (tef) doing okay? Yes. How many posts have you made in the last 6 months. I’m just happy to be here.

No question: No question Tef- can we make No question (Xian) member of the month?

Old Man Judah Lesan: No questions

Ravenfire [RTL Mando]: No questions

Romul “The Rock” Saxon [Enclave]: How are you doing Tef? A little winded but it’s spicy time.
Is there a chance to get more transparency about what the vision is if you were denied for not fitting a vision: Probably not. If you don’t agree that you’ve been given enough information by now (in this townhall), what can I say to satisfy you? We don’t want you guys to feel like you have to see like you have to accommodate our direction. (Romul then said he only joined the chat like 10 minutes ago.)

Samuel Exel: With a lot of factions going from major to minor, what sort of expectations/'vision' do you have for Minor factions in general in the grand scheme of things? Tef hates minor faction stans.

“You know what can be taken out of context? You being muted don’t even speak at me” - out of context quote from tef

Seto: What, in your opinion, is the reason why the GA got a unanimous vote: GA’s just the most active. There was a convo in admin channel where they asked if tef wanted to wipe the map. Tef said yes. Tef could not justify axing the GA. So we were all inches away from a complete map wipe? Yes. A big L for the empire was their activity compared to their size on the map.
‘Empire was ratio’d’ - Matt, the radar tech

Shuklaar Kyrdol: Last year you mentioned big changes were coming, was this poofening the big change? No, the map is the big change planned, it just hasn’t been done yet. Tef works a real job and he wants us to know it.

Tefka: If you don’t know (what we have planned) dear god who does: Valiens is the all-knowing

Siyndacha Aerin | Emiery Grayson: No questions. Did not sleep well last night. Have you watched any good tv lately? Working through some things, hasn’t gotten through Andor yet. Banned until they watch Andor. Let one of the admins know when you have

Srina Talon: People are worried that people are just gonna cut you at the knees, no we’re not (tef said yes we are (no we aren’t) ). Staff is not forcing you to stop telling your story. The only change that’s happened is you don’t have the responsibilities of being major.

Tefka: For any invasions launched before the poofening: Can the factions still present claim the hexes? Yes. Newly minor factions just will not receive hexes.

That X-Wing Guy | Okkeus: So with all of these MF going minor now because of activity checks, are there going to be any changes in requirements for new minors wanting to become a MF?

Tefka: If you fit the vision, you’re fine. If you don’t fit the vision, you get cut off at the knees.

THE Legend: What happened to flashpoints? Tef is lazy and ran out of ideas and Tef hates events that are dependent on him. What’s the current status on the map expansion: Current status is bad.

TinTabby: No questions, thought Tef was dismissive of minors such as the Family. Tef wants you to have fun but he’s not bending over for the Family. Trust the vision.

Vulpse: No questions, shout out to all of chaos for being around

Zark: Do you have any ideas how the new map stuff will work, connect to the current map, etc. The map has been a staple of chaos for so long so redoing that is very intimidating. Tef plans on getting to it and upping the stakes on it. 3 other galaxies, obstacles, etc. Biggest worry is that 6 months will pass by and the comments will be ‘I miss the old map’ Moving the site was one of the most stressful things in Tef’s life

◈ DIMA ◈: Powerscaling? Is it coming back? Tef is friends with other neighboring RP sites, he learned most admins don’t like to talk numbers.

“We’re past the formality of Tefka, you guys can call me Matt now”

Tef proceeded to go on about MtG for like 20 minutes.

“When you don’t have anyone to talk down to, don’t talk to me either.”