Sent to the residence of Xobos Yakieer – To the holocomputer under admin name pink.cutie.010 (Cali Ziiva)
Moon of Illyira, delta sector FOB

[The video opens up with the Miraluka sitting in what looks to be the battered remains of a tent. It’s obvious she’s tired, but she’s forcing a smile for the camera. The kind of tired that can be seen isn’t just physical, but mental as well. What little smile she can force, however, does seem genuine. This was also despite the various cuts and bruises that littered her face.]

“Hey there, cutie. It’s nice to finally have a minute to be able to…to sit down and record something for you.”

[Almost on cue, the sound of some sort of military equipment going off outside can be heard, cutting off what the sith knight was saying. She winces slightly. Perhaps it was due to the sharp sound, but more likely due to it being yet another reminder of where she had been for the past two weeks.]

“I’m..sorry for not being able to record something sooner. I’ve tried to message when I could, but recording…recording is harder. It seems like every time I try and step away to record you something, anything..something else happens.”

[It seems as though having to verbalize such a thing threw her into another wave of tiredness. There’s a pause, long enough for her to dip her head and let a long sigh rock it’s way through her body. She looks up after a few seconds, once again trying to force a smile for the camera.]

“Things are starting to wind down, at least. We’ve finally pushed this group of pirates back to a small crater. Most of their airships are destroyed, and what little manpower they have left might not last much longer. That’s..that’s assuming that we aren’t pushed back tonight.”

[By her voice, she sounds confident. Ready to finally end what had stretched out into almost a month long campaign. She was only supposed to have left Garde for a week, if that. But constant resistance, untrained military officers, and the lack of supplies stretched it out just so far.]

“We should’ve been back home now, Cali. I know I told you..i would be back by now. You idea how much I wanted to be back with you. It seems I’m not really cut out for these long sieges anymore. Not a young, bouncing apprentice that can take on the galaxy at the drop of a pen.”

[The sounds of more equipment being moved outside finally cause that smile to break, and the tiredness fully washes over the apprentice. There’s no holding it back now. Reaching up, she ran her fingers along one of the long cuts on her cheek, wincing lightly at the fresh pain that shot up her face.]

“I’ll be coming home with some new marks. Scars..trophies. Things to be..proud of.”

[Another sigh, her gaze looking up to stare into the lens.]

“I miss you. I miss your smell, how you hug my side whenever I’m with you. Something about life is just…better having you around. And right now..I could really use you by my side. Hopefully, after tonight..I can come back home.”

[A different sound emerged from outside the tent, followed by an officer peaking his head inside and saying something to the woman that isn’t picked up by the recording. She straightens, giving him a prompt nod before turning back as he departs.]

“It looks like it’s time to go. Wish me luck, beautiful.”

[Reaching up, she starts to turn off the record, stopping just short before doing so.]

“I love you, Cali. See you soon.”

[The recording then shut off, freezing on the slightly smiling face of the sith knight.]

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