The Hutts are being attacked. The Bryn'adûl are coming, those monsters that burn entire planets and make them unhabitable, those creatures that devour populations and do the heavens know what with those poor things left, and they will destroy the glorious jewel of Nar Shaddaa and decimate its people while the galaxy doesn't even care. We have accepted refugees in the last years, from your wars, from the wars fought between the Imperials and the Sith, from the squabble among this Galactic Alliance, and from the worlds those monsters destroyed. But where is the galactic aid? Where is the promised happiness we hoped for when we were young? The galaxy doesn't care, they don't stop and waste a single drop of sweat over our lowly corpses, they call us mobsters, gangster, crime lords, kingpins, drug dealers, people eaters and you know what, slimeballs? Perhaps we are, but when all of you needed money, loans, drugs, someone to take the blame in your political schemes to conquer planets who was it that stood behind those lines and swallowed their pride to become the monsters you fear under your beds? We were, the Hutts, the same species you curse as slugs, the same species you abuse, mistreat and don't a single inch of respect.

But I do ask all of you, what is Nar Shaddaa? Is just a place for all of you to piss, drink, find escorts, murderers, bounty hunters and credits? Or is it somewhere in the depths of your mind in which all of you fought and suffered to achieve your goals? Is Nar Shaddaa nothing to all of you? I think not. I refuse to believe in that. Some of you, if not all of you, have business there, have family there, some of you were born in there, bought guns, stole stuff, tricked someone, had a great time and all of that was done thanks to us, because we exist, because we made Nar Shaddaa what should always be:

We fought, we thrived, we did our best. And now we face the greatest threat our species has ever faced, is this the end? Is the end of our existence that survived the greatest adversities in the galaxy? I refuse to say that out loud, but my heart now feels heavy and filled with fear.

I beg to everyone that listens to this message, help Nar Shaddaa. Save the Hutts, and in return we shall reward every single one of you, not with credits (yes, there will be credits), but with our respect and gratitude. For how many species will need to die before the galaxy understands the threat we face? The Mandalorians are all but destroyed, their pride crushed in the mud. The First Order was devoured by the Ssi-Ruuvi, the Fel have fell, are we to face the same? Is Nar Shaddaa left to its fate? Is hope dead?

I want to believe this is not true. I really do, I want to believe the galaxy cares for more than just expanding, that they believe in justice and truth. That they believe, the Hutts deserve to live and deserve to be cared for, much like we cared for you all in the past. I really do, I want to believe that I will wake up and see hundreds of ships from every corner of the galaxy, from the Sith that own business and shady warehouses, from the Jedi that buy information, from the Mandalorians our oldest allies and bitter foes, from the Galactic Alliance whom we financed its first enterprises, from the New Imperial Order, from the Confederacy that used us to gain support and from all the scum, criminals, bounty hunters, mercenaries and hideous creatures that this galaxy has to offer. Fight to save Nar Shaddaa, fight to liberate the Hutt, fight for the memories buried in the past, but fight on and if we die, we shall die together for what we believe. And that is the...