Today is Monday October 5th, 2015.
Lets take a moment to look at this board.
Now look out the window.
Now back at the board.
Now back out the window.
See that out there? That's the real world. This? This is a hobby. I'm a writer because I enjoy it. You should be a writer because you enjoy it. Lets remember, that while there are dozens of writers on this site, you're not going to get along with everyone. No one expects that. But one thing everyone should do, is greet every single person you meet with respect. Out there, in here, everywhere.
If it gets too much here, take a second, unplug, go outside, feel the sun, feel the wind, swim in the water, lay in the grass, unplug, recharge, rewind, freshen up, tighten up, and come back remembering that everyone here does so for their own reasons, but most importantly, this isn't real life. When you close down your computer for the day, you know what doesn't go on your resume? Chaos. It doesn't go on your CV that you are the Leader of Super Evil Dark Side Faction, or that you created Vanity Project Number 9 to defeat said Super Evil Dark Side Faction. What you take with you from here, is the memories of the lines of code on your screen. You won't see any of these people walking down the street. They're lines of code on your screen. Don't get so hung up about it.
Just write. Enjoy.
I hate to break it to you, but you can't win Chaos. You also don't get out of life alive. People will move on from this site, and people die in the real world. Its what happens. Why spend all the time here so hate filled and needing to win? No, discuss things on friendly terms with the other writers, let the other writers write what they want, don't try to control people.
This is a game, both Chaos and the real world. Enjoy it.
You do you, let them do them.