Are you a spacer in need of a ship? A merchant fleet looking to upgrade your armada? Then look no further than Roble Manufacturing.

Since the beginning of time, every being's destiny has been to explore the stars. Even before the first ship in the galaxy broke orbit, our primitive ancestors looked at the night sky in wonder, knowing they were destined to explore every corner and intricacy that it had to offer. Here at Roble Manufacturing, the premier starshipwright corporation of Fondor, we share that wonder for the galaxy that surrounds us.

In our newest product lines of civilian ships, we present two models that will be extremely valuable to anyone who finds their jobs intertwined in the stars -- specifically merchants and shippers, those of you who spend more time in the cockpit than onworld. Roble Manufacturing has produced two new models of starships that will elevate your capacity and shipping capabilities, whether you are an independent merchant or massive commerce conglomerate.


RMST-MT28 Vagrant-class Medium Freighter

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850,000 Galactic Standard Credits | New
670,000 Galactic Standard Credits | Refurbished

Those who fly the Vagrant-class are destined to live among the stars, and profit from them, too. The Vagrant-class is featured with state-of-the-art shipping technology, utilizing tractor beams and energy clamps to hold cargo in place on the underbelly of the ship. Affordable and high-quality, the Vagrant-class is perfect for large shipping corporations or independent merchants who seek to increase their capacity and variability when it comes to transporting wares.

The medium freighter is constructed with state of the art propulsion, maneuvering, and defensive systems. As a civilian ship, it comes with no type of offensive armament, but two point-defense octets provide ample defensive support against small hostile craft. It is efficient, it is fast, and it is able to carry unprecedented amounts of cargo; in other words, a spacer's best friend.


OPH-F5 Wanderer-class Hauler

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1,140,000 Galactic Standard Credits | New
945,000 Galactic Standard Credits | Refurbished

The Wanderer-class is built for spacers who want a little more credit for their chips, as the saying goes. It has all the hallmarks of a classic work of Roble engineering; impressive propulsion and maneuvering systems, excellent defensive capabilities. And of course, its holds, when full to the brim, can haul a fortune's worth of cargo. But, what singles out the Wanderer-class out from its competitors is what makes it a true hauler.

On the aft of the ship are an array of tractor beams and energy clamps, designed to be able to haul sealed containers and other cargo that can be up to several times the mass of the Wanderer-class itself. This exponentially expands the cargo-carrying capacity of the Wanderer-class, and the profits that can be made in a single voyage. Purchasing the Wanderer-class is a short-term investment, one whose rewards will certainly include an expansion of riches, for independent spacers and merchant fleets alike.

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