Sup ya'll.

Well, this past year we famously said "yeah, let's stop putting stuff behind closed doors, let's air it all out." I didn't actually say that originally, it was a banned member who gave me the idea as he REEE'd, and I agreed. It's been rather cathartic, talking about this stuff openly, letting the community weigh in with their opinions. We get hit with some criticism, sure, we get some anger, some resentment, some disagreeance, but we usually feel like a weight is lifted after we talk it out. I think we had a record number of MFO voice calls, a record number of Staff voice calls? And it's this, I think, that has put Chaos back in the positive mindset and got us all on the right track towards the future of Chaos. These conversations.

Still, there will always be those on the fringe who just can't move on or let others be happy, leading to those drama blogs ya'll like to eat up.

This is one of them.

Oh no, I've been doxxed.

And it's confirmed a writer named Aycin wrote it. I hardly know her, she got banned for some whack stuff a ways back, but boy does she know me apparently. Apparently we got some screws loose. And try to deny it all you want, but most of this community knows I don't throw down until I've got ze proof, honey boo bear.

Yep, that's me. Sensational. Look, it's a very serious thing, already illegal in some states, and I don't want any member of this community to treat it lightly. We have rules on this forum for that behavior. You can even go so far to say that me even addressing the issue is problematic, because it is, I'm giving this person a platform they otherwise wouldn't have and further invite more people like her to follow up this insanity. But I literally cannot help myself, I have my flaws. I can't help but to point out that of all the pictures they could've chosen to follow up the "racially insensitive owner", they chose to post a picture of me in front of the new Martin Luther King Jr. statue from years back. The irony is face-slapping, and if intended, it's like a 6G head strat. I don't know what they intended with the strat, but it's gonna be revealed any day now I'm sure.

I'm not going to get into the claims, or defend myself, or even pretend this is a normal conversation beyond what most of us would pepelaugh or cringelul at. But... you literally sat there and seriously wrote this up, like, your thinking led to this. You've got screws loose, Aycin. I wasn't intimidated before, I'm not now, I'm not going to be, you just need to get help. Plenty of us need it around this time of year. It's a great time of year, to take stock in what is serious, what is tangible, what is healthy, what is not. It's a great time of year to put that shackled misery aside and move on, because that next year is coming.

The same applies to the Discords personally giving this Aycin character a safe space to hide, including you, Star Wars: Odyssey. Yeah, I know all about it. I don't really care for most of it, I've never lifted a finger after we got done with that whole poaching debacle you guys had at the beginning, and some of ya'll got unbanned along the way. We've all got better things to do than pretend the beef goes equally both ways. And I'm perfectly okay with continuing like that, you do you. But now you're supporting this behavior. You're fostering it. If you don't talk to your people, no matter how small or big a community you're trying to foster, this is what becomes of it when the doors shut. The losers get louder and the bold keep leaving. And what happens when you've rid yourselves of this turbulent priest, what happens when I'm inevitably gone, huh. Just going to wait around until you piss Aycin/others off, and now you're doxxed too? Grow a spine, guys. Seriously. You want to be leaders, step up and set the goddamn example.

...You can grow a community while having a moral compass.


If you caught bad vibes from this, apologies. I literally have a team of Star Wars fan advisors breathing down my neck not to do shit like this, I just sometimes can't stop myself. Just.. go eat some ham, enjoy your family, friends. Be safe. We're likely to be steamrolling Chaos with good vibes once the holidays are over as all the new features/changes begin rolling in.

If you're here to write and for good vibes, we got you.

If you're here to doxx, I'll personally ban you into oblivion until you start calling me a totalitarian on some half-assed wiki page.

Credit where credit's due, at least you targeted the right Admin this time.