<<My name is Thurion Heavenshield, Jedi Master and High King of Midvinter.>>

<<This is a repeating message for the wanderers, the displaced, the lost. The last few months have seen a great shift of power in galaxy. The Sith Empire is no more, and the leaderless hordes of the Bryn'adûl have lost their will to fight, their infested worlds being eradicated of their ilk one after another. Life will return to these places eventually, but it will not happen overnight. Trillions of lives have been affected, either driven from their homes by the Bryn, or subjugated and used by the Sith. But you are still here. You survived.>>

<<The time for running and hiding is over. As the last of the enemy strongholds fall, now comes the time for rebuilding; time to rejoice for loved ones returned, and mourn those that aren't. Long I feared a most horrid fate would befall my own world, surrounded by both Sith and Bryn forces, and yet ours was one of the few spared either. The Force willed otherwise, and so I see it only fit that my kin and I extend to those who have lost so much the same generosity, kindess, and hospitality we might have otherwise received from some of you, were our fortunes reversed.>>

<<Midvinter hereby stands ready to receive any and all refugees currently roaming the Tingel Arm. Here you shall find medical assistance, as well as food and shelter. Our world may be cold and harsh, but our hearts are as warm as the twin suns of Tatooine. Once back on your feet, you may book safe passage to the Silver Jedi Concord free of charge, and from there go wherever you like. Make a life for yourself.>>

<<Stay safe out there. Perhaps we shall meet in person soon enough, that I might shake your hand and embrace you as a brother or sister.>>

<<May the Force be with you, and may the Gods watch over you.>>