To Doctor Adrian Vandiir Adrian Vandiir ,
Lord Prospero,
Dark Councillor of Scientific Advancement,
Lord of Progress,
And my Renowned Cohort and Landlord,

I hope that this correspondence reaches you in a timely manner and in good health. It is my deepest regret that I have been unable to truly keep up with the news of your ongoing endeavors and pursuits that stretch the realm of what we understand as ‘known.’ This war keeps me busy, commands my thoughts and my present attitude as I watch from afar and bear the burden of each wound I cannot, with my own hand, prevent or undo, and each passing day this mantle of responsibility weighs deeper on my conscience like a lead rug. Truly it is the cost of war and all beings feel its weight. No doubt you feel the impact of this tireless struggle as well, being out there, never faltering from the front. I’ve spent many sleepless nights thinking about the cost of each battle.

But this isn’t about the grimness of the times we’re in, and in the momentary cease I’ve been able to take a breath, think deeply, and realize something that I was far too slow on the uptake to do earlier. In reality, I would’ve sent this transmission much earlier, but I found myself, for the first time, telling myself to not do so for fear of interrupting any ongoing research or tasks you might be indulging in. I sat on composing this letter for far too many days, and it was only today that I settled on setting myself to this task, ever as driven as if I was fighting a battle or struggling to keep the Sith of the Order in line for long enough to hear even a single command. Of course, that’s a minor exaggeration, but I’m sure you can appreciate the sentiment of what I’m trying to say here. You’ve always struck me as a man who likes to admire beauty when found, and I only hope that wordplay is included within that realm.

This letter, all-in-all, is to say thank you for the number of things that you have done for me within the past few months, and to take a moment to say that I greatly admire you, Lord Prospero (or Dr. Vandiir, whichever you prefer to be called by). Don’t mistake me, it’s not the admiration a fan would give to their idol, but rather a respect that I hold for many of the things you’ve done and continue to do, and many of the traits about you that set you apart and aside from the other Sith I have the ‘pleasure’ of spending my days with. Before I go on and on about the latter portion, I cannot forget to give you my humblest thanks for allowing me to live in Vandiir Tower after the unfortunate devastation of my home in Dromund Kaas, and for providing me with many commodities that I hadn’t even planned on asking for. For once in a long time, I can sleep without fear of espionage upon my estate, and the various establishments within the Tower make my days stuck within the span of my house far more pleasant to endure.

I also must thank you for allowing me to join you in your voyage to Kalee, and for allowing me to join you on your shop in said voyage to Kalee. Once again you have offered me nothing but comfort and I hadn’t even thought of giving you my true thanks for such. I had truly enjoyed our journey into that crypt despite witnessing the unfortunate bisection of that mercenary scoundrel, and I hope that, sometime in the future, we can combine our powers to explore and uncover lost and forgotten knowledge once more. Even though a man of military matters, I much prefer intellectual endeavors than brutish slaughter, and I appreciate the fact that you never tend to hide your energy for rooting out arcane gifts. It is a great joy to see somebody so passionate about such an esoteric area of study, and were I a different man, I would gladly join you fully in that pursuit of the arcane.

You are a man of great shrewdness, cunning, guile, wit, commitment, will, and erudition, and every chance I get the chance to truly sit down and speak with you, I find myself thinking in ways I hadn’t thought before, and I find myself wanting to make excuses to continue to sit by and listen. For a talker as much as I am, it’s a new experience to want to listen, and I never regret the chances, rare as they come, for when I get to spend time with you. You are never held back by inhibition, and when you set your thoughts to something, you continue until the work is done and the job is complete, and that sets you apart vastly from not only the Sith, but many of our cohorts in the Council. Your ideas, schemes, plots, and plans are brutal, brilliant, and completely eldritch, and I mean that wholly as a compliment.

I do not wish to continue on this trend of writing for too long, otherwise I’d end up with less a letter and more a lecture. To reiterate all that I’ve said: thank you, and I hope that you are in the best of health, whatever it is that you are doing when you receive this. While I am not one for fraternizing with my cohorts, allies, and partners beyond the hours we must spend together, if you’re ever out for a drink or whatever it may be, I’d be more than willing to pay. It’s the least I can do for all that you’ve done for me so far, and I hope that you make a breakthrough soon on whatever it is you are endeavoring in.

May the Force be Always with You,
Telis Cassio Taharin
Lord Aagenti
Dark Councillor of Military Command
Lord of Ambition