(Julian Fisher)​

Location Unknown


Snow would fall down from the sky so gently...

The smoke of fireplaces' fire can be seen rising up above the houses of the village, up to the sky.

It is calm, not a single sound besides snow dropping is heard.

A hooded man inspects the whole scenery from above the cliffs, looking down from mountains which surround the quiet village.

He remains unnoticed.

Anastasia was not one of inhabitants of the village, but one could tell she often wanders around the planet just... doing something. She loved helping people and loved exploring, so why not combine both of them? She had come to the village with no ideas, no thoughts, but now that she had ended up here, she was already so busy. Like... so busy.

All the buckets of water needed to be transported, children had to be babysitted... Even though not much was heard from up above, one in the village would say it was the noisiest day of all times.

The man frowns.

He doesn't see much, but he can sense.

A small idea comes into his mind, and he smiles. It is a nice idea.

Turning around, the man starts stepping towards his Vhaanir and then as he reaches him, he takes a small package from his bag.

The blue eyes gaze into it and the man puts it back into the bag. The leather handsewn container holds many packages of similar sizes, yet all of the things inside are different.

He feels like a mystery is about to begin.