Orb of Cries


Credits: [ x ]​
2/5 gained​
can confuse enemies, makes a loud noise when shaken by its master

Winter Crystal


Credits: [ x ]​
5/5 gained​
when pressed tightly by its holder, it cools down air around it, in extreme cases, can release a snow storm
(needs to be studied like a Force power)

One's Heart


Credits: [ x ]​
3/5 gained​
when pressed tightly, it will warm air around its holder by 10[sup]o [/sup]C

Bow of Icy Soul

Credits: [ x ]​
2/2 gained​
its arrows will start to freeze the person it touched, takes 10 minutes unless a special treatment is used

Frozen Blade

Credits: [ x ]​
1/1 gained​
it grants its wielder additional Telekinesis powers, raises one's Telekinesis skills by 10%

Other Rewards

will be taken from the Marketplace/Factory​