So, I was thinking about characters like Jerec, Executor Sedriss and Ajunta Pal. They were never truly Sith, though obviously they were Dark Side characters. In Pal's case, the beginnings of the future Sith. Sora Bulq, the Inquisitor, Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress. Obviously Dark Acolytes but not Sith.

That got me to thinking about here. Why so many Sith Lords and not Dark Jedi? You're still serving the Dark Side and you can even work with the Sith. Most of the Dark Jedi on here don't seem to be affiliated with the Sith. I'm not saying everyone has to as there are the Set Harth types who are out for themselves. Realistically, aren't a lot of canon Dark Jedi basically very close to Sith anyway and/or aspiring to be one?

Being an 'Acolyte' in and of itself doesn't mean 'apprentice' and Maul, for example, was an apprentice and yet he pwned Qui-Gonn (said to be among the best of the Jedi swordsmen). Sedriss was also very powerful too. You could hypothetically be a Jedi hunting badass/hit(wo)man like the Inquisitor. Sora Bulq was a badass acolyte flurry of Juyo frenzy.

I dunno, it's just my thoughts. Maybe I could do a Dark Jedi badass 'acolyte' who is a hunter of Light siders. In honor of Sedriss and other underrepresented bad guys.