The pull to the dark side can best be described as a Razor in a candied apple. Sweet but dangerous. Heh it's amazing, how people are willing to take a bite even as they know it leads to harm. Simply fascinating.
I was reading that Jedi choose the light for all that it reveals. I guess Sith choose the darkness for all it shrouds. Kahlil has been down that path, but he found the strength to stray away from his family ties. To turn the Zambrano name into something that inspires hope instead of fear. To me he's the embodiment of what a Jedi strives to be.. for what is greater? One who always follows the light and has not known the dark? Or the one who was in the dark but embraced the light? I am not sure.
Though he is still learning the responsibility of a Mentor, I noticed that he continues to power through and adapt. Qualities that will make him a great Jedi Master one day.
Amaryllis. A strange one, from what I've seen of my fellow crew member, she is. A wild soul adjusting to a new environment. Energetic but friendly. Her grasp on the social ediquitte is not all there yet, but I've noticed she has come some way since I first met her. Offering fruit as a sign of her friendship. Behind those feral eyes are definitely someone who can be trusted. Her abilities with plants and animals are some of the best I've seen. I believe with the proper training, and the right friends, she can go far. I think she'd make a fine Jedi.
Thiavi. I once compared her to a Rancor. Though She's not your typical Mandolorian. From what I've seen through old books and the Holo net, she's different. Unlike a lot of her people she actually doesn't mind too much about associating with Jedi. And while she does have the typical Mandolorian values in her mind, she sets it aside. I've noticed that she's a fan of painting, using it to express her anger, even if it's only a spraycan, it's a better outlet then a blaster. She's one for music, though it's a far cry from what I am used to, yet it does keep her focused. She's a brash one though. Tending to lean towards the more violent options in situations. All and all Thiavi has a lot of views that from a Jedi, but she still puts them aside to be with a crew that is mainly Jedi. That's saying something. Definitely a person I can count on.
R6, to call this astromech sarcastic would be an understatement, he refuses to hold a serious conversation with me, preferring to chop me down. I do not hate the Droid, in fact I find him to be great insight on what I may face. Kahlil trusts the Droid, so I will too.
Kebo, now Kebo is a Droid I can have a good conversation with. While he takes logical to the next level of meaning, I often preplex the Droid with human concepts, hoping I can get him to see the bigger picture.