As usual, things are happening that I feel swept up in.
So…Jack is now Chancellor, and I’m not sad I didn’t win. I’m not sure I wanted it as badly as he did. I don’t know if he has ever had to do something out of duty. I think in my mind that he’s always done things that he wanted.
I have only ever done one thing that I wanted.
Anyhow, I wish him the best. I will do my best with the time I have to serve him well.
Seems Alyesa and Mother have been talking a decision has been made to take Alderaan from the Republic.
Wouldn’t you know it, in a moment where I could shine this was done.
I was doing so well with negotiating the treaty, least I thought I was.
But you know when Kay said, the Republic would just funnel those funds somewhere else. She was so flip about it, so…it’s no big deal. I’m not sure what made me madder.
Was it that she thought Alderaan had gotten funds, because I have never seen one single credit go to Alderaan to help with anything, nothing, zippo, nadda. I’ve watched at least two measures go before the Senate to be voted down because….what did they say, Alderaan was a lost cause there were more worthwhile investments. That’s right. My home, lost.
Wasn’t so easy to swallow when it became their home worlds suffering the same fate.
So that nonchalant attitude of no big deal. Yeah…that did it. I lost my temper. I can’t remember the last time I lost my temper.
Did she do it on purpose? She knows how I feel about home. She didn’t look comfortable, she wasn’t the center of attention getting credit for her rescue of slaves. So…maybe she did it intentionally.
NO, that’s ridiculous and stupid.
Or. Did she use a Jedi influence on me?...this is why Jedi are not allowed to be Senators. Oh yeah, reminder brief Jack.
Darth Vulkan, a sith, he’s a sith. He’s also a mandalorian. Which is odd considering the no sith rule in mandalorian culture. So…how is he pulling that off?...should I trust him? He’s a sith. Sith lie, right? Is there a way to tell? It isn't like he glows when he tells a lie. That would make things so much easier though. Least for me. He reminds me of Dar'yaim. Larger than life. Take no prisoners, but always know the end game. Draco, I had to look the name up just to be sure, it means Dragon. I had to laugh when I read it...Dar'yaim means hell . Men with names that begin with D. I seem to always find them.
But he lets me call him Draco, and he explains all things to my understanding. He’s met with Alyesa. They seem to have hit it off. Will have to let mother know about that.
He is now protecting Alderaan, and….I’m uneasy. It is a magnificent site to see all these ships protecting home. But not far from home, is the Sith border. Is Arabella among the Sith again? Haven’t seen my sister since the life day celebrations on Atrisia. Haven’t seen my father since then either.
I’m rambling.
There’s a sith guarding my home world, he wears mandalorian armor, and he’s protecting it from the Republic that I have served for the last…how many years? I can’t remember…is it six counting the Netherworld event. Am I so old now?
I miss my husband and son, and I feel guilty suddenly for comparing Draco to Dar . Life is not fair sometimes.
So in short.
Life is once again unpredictable.
To reconcile my uneasiness I have to tell myself, the mandalorians are protecting my home from invaders. Anything else requires too much contradiction and gives me a headache.
Is war coming again? Impressive as he is, can Draco protect us?
Will the Clans agree to keep forces on Alderaan? Will Alyesa agree?
What do I do if I am not a Senator anymore? Can I go back to being Faith?