[background=Almost a year ago there was this random guy who decided to join this Star Wars RP Board, a greenhorn in every sense of the word; he didn’t know how things worked, had no clue how to properly write sentences after another or how to make your plot and characters feel more alive. A year had passed and ironically enough the same guy is still pretty clueless in the grand scheme of things, literate prose goes over his head and he still has problems with avoiding the common mistakes a Writer slash Roleplayer can make. (Like writing a certain sentence construction and repeating it… and again… and again.. and ag-- well you get where I am going with this.) [/size]

[background=As you might already have noticed… this random guy was and is me. [/size]

[background=Most of y’all know me, I ain’t the best guy when it comes to commitment. To quote a certain individual: “It’s like pulling teeth out!” and she’s right, I concede that I am a pain in the… bum to work with some, if not all of the times. Yet there are people who still do that on a daily occasion, who haven’t given up on this annoying Russian guy and kept on pulling those teeth. [/size]

[background=So a shout-out to them, y’all know who you are and I won’t embarrass you with putting your names on here. People might get the impression you are associated with me and nobody would like that.. ;’) [/size]

[background=I ain’t sure what I want to do with this blog yet, the title is named ‘ Side Stories ‘... which gives off the implication that I am going to be posting stories here, which granted is the idea I have at the moment. To write down a couple of short stories, short adventures and post them up here for everyone to see and possibly read. [/size]

[background=Why, you might ask yourself. Why would you be writing all this stuff down here, and maybe more importantly… why would I be reading all of this crap? To the second question I can’t really give a good answer, but it’s my hope that this stuff will be at least amusing to a certain degree, so that might be a motivation?[/size]

[background=First question is easier to answer, long origin story incoming. [/size]

[background=Looking back at that fateful day in November (or maybe it was October, I can’t actually remember at the moment) there were several things which had prompted me to search for a community such as this one. I had recently been re-watching episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, Firefly and replaying games like Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and you know what they all had in common?[/size]

[background=There was exploration, adventure and an overarching plot which made you go pow. I wanted that, I won’t be ashamed to say that I wanted to be [b][background=The Protagonist[/b][background= in my own story, yet… writing a Novel seemed to be too complicated for me. Too many angles, too many things to think about… too much [b][background=work. [/b][background=So I asked myself… ain’t there a different way? Something else to fulfill this childlike fantasy of being more than I actually am? To experience adventures and stories reminiscing of the games and series I had just interacted with?[/size]

[background=Apparently there was.[/size]

[background=Long story short, here I am. Writing a mixture of First Person and Third Person Stories with some of the boys and girls I befriended here and generally having a good time while doing it and yet…. I am missing something or perhaps missing isn’t a good way to describe it. I had… too much. My characters had too much going for them, rich, powerful in politics and the Force and well connected across the Galaxy. [/size]

[background=So… I kinda accomplished what I set out to do, didn’t I? My characters might not be the Shepards or the Skywalkers of the Galaxy, but they could pack a punch and cause some real mayhem, yet… it wasn’t enough. I wanted more, or maybe… what I was looking for is less. [/size]

[background=That’s where the idea of ‘ Short Stories ‘ came from, a little corner of the site where I can write short, short stories where my characters get into situations they normally wouldn’t have. Short adventures and plotlines which aren’t all about Galactic Domination and the Daily Sith Struggle for More Power and Wealth. [/size]

[background=Like I said, I ain’t sure if this is going to be another one of those ideas I never actually complete, ain’t sure if this is going to be teeth pulling or if it’s going to be so natural it will flow right out of the metaphorical pen. But I would like to try it out and see if it goes anywhere. [/size]

[background=Who knows, maybe one of these things will be good enough for a second, third and maybe fourth draft until it can be turned into a novella or whatever. We will see, no point in rushing to conclusions for now. [/size]