What do you mean they blew up the relentless?! Honestly, why is it the minute you step out of my site your neck deep in shid? If it wasn't for the fact that I was on my way to deal with a crisis I would bring the Rose to you. Least then you'd have something. I'll get hold of Jorus as soon as I can but feth...
Please be careful Seroth, with everything happening here I'm not sure I could cope if something happened to you.
The mandalorians raided the Ilum enclave, most of the residents were younglings and padawans, all of them dead. The term 'massacre' has been used.
Since when did they become so cold blooded? I hope beyond all hopes that this is the actions of but a few but we can't be sure. Mara, was there, released a message to all the a academies as a warning. Bless her, she seemed so upset. I reached out to her, in the hope I could offer some help she said she was afraid of what she could ask me to do, knowing, perhaps, that I would do it. No questions asked. Where did my morals go?
I'm on route to Yavin IV to touch base with the academy there, see what we can do about evacuating the children at Mara's request. I don't trust the mandalorians them safe from their own kind. Things are too unstable to take such a risk.
I don't know where we will take them, but we've got time to work that out at least.
I miss you, love. I'll keep you updated and trust you'll do the same.
And for feths sake, stay safe!
All my love,