Theta Artificial Intelligence Program​

From the time Circe had placed her in such a small position of power, Lierra Umdal held nothing but the greatest intentions to please, and improve. Improve production. Improve research. Improve the resources they were allotted and everything that was used. The next step in development seemed to be a larger chain of command within the facility. Micromanaging every aspect of this factory’s projects simply wouldn’t benefit anyone.
So it was decided. However, still not fond nor entirely trusting of her surrounding employees, she took to technology for the solution.
Audio Recording 01: “Think of it as a sort of, robotic second in-command, Doctor Klein. This is extremely important to me. I’m confident you won’t disappoint…”
“Very well, Madame. What are your requirements?”
The program would need to be perfect, capable of doing everything she could, and so much more. It needed to be as if…as if she simply wasn’t there. She grinned at the thought. Access to a whole database of information concerning the galaxy and world around her. Access to eyes and ears in every direction at all times. Access to precious regulations and advice one could not take for granted.
With ambitions high, development for the program began. Although not possessing an extensive knowledge of slicing and other important means for creating such an advanced device, she was able to supervise the selected team and offer input when required.
Audio Recording 02: “Madame, you say you wish for the program to have control of all droid personnel as well, how do you suppose we proceed?”
“Send them in. Shut them down, brake them apart for parts if you have to. There must be some way to connect their processors together and allow one to direct and the other to simply receive and follow.”
When the initial prototype was announced and presented to Umdal, the team was met with great dissatisfaction and disapproval. While the minimal requirements were found to be met and adequate, the coding and general abilities of the artificial intelligence program did not accomplish the standards set by Lierra, and therefore needed to be scrapped as a whole.
Audio Recording 03: “This surely does not encompass the best of your abilities as a team of intellectuals, and it certainly is not the device that will be able to assume control when I cannot. I need results! We have collected countless amounts of data from the surrounding areas to allot, we’ve managed to allow access to the surrounding Kayra, the Enforcers, yet we are missing so much! We…wait. Is it not possible to have such an interface implanted into a sort of mainframe of this facility? I mean, we have toyed over and over with the idea of total control over this factory, if required. Imagine if we were to apply such a droid brain to a computer, perhaps and allow for more direct intervention within these walls.
“That is dangerous thinking, Madame Umdal. I’m unsure if we can enhance the device in such a way beneficial to you, as well as the workers here. However…we shall attempt to make it so.”
With processing already to maximum efficiency, the program seemed to need to be connected to something more. After some time searching the surrounding market, workers finally brought in the prize, massive computer, fit to house such a beast. The sheer size brought great pleasure to all who observed it, having taken up almost the entire side of the wall. After some time, wires were connected from the computer to every camera, speaker, door, light…every electrical appliance one could think of.
Audio Recording 04: “It has indeed taken much time, effort, and unfortunately, resources to place such a machine in a position to control the facility with the touch of a button. I can only hope my employer will recognize the need for this higher official within the compound, and its powerful capabilities. I have already tested this main console countless times, and it seems to be living up to every bit of potential possible. It most definitely has frightened the factory workers on assembly lines when my voice has been heard over the intercoms, as amusing as that may be.
Later today, I’ll have to check up on progress for the A.I. itself, as when alterations are complete, I am eager to see it implanted into the system.”
The program was almost complete. Encased in a kiber lattice and made of durasteel and electrum circuitry, final adjustments were made. Enough memory was downloaded to ensure for a complete run of the facility and finite decisions. Small tools were utilized to craft small processors, connectors, transmitters and receivers, all in one intricate pattern. This temporary form, although suitable for minor purposes, was quite vulnerable and easy to destroy, should one get their hands on it.
Audio Recording 05: “Madame Umdal, just how extensive would you like this program’s knowledge of combat to be?”
“I don’t need it to be some war machine. The enforcers know their role, and I simply need it to know how and when to direct them towards my attention and the safety of the people working here.”
Days passed until Lierra was called in once for something quite unexpected. An unexpected bonus to the plan.
Audio Recording 06: “I hope you won’t mind, Madame Umdal. But we have taken the liberty of offering the device even more of an impact on this facility’s endeavors. The assembly line workers have already been working on massive appendages for the program to utilize throughout the facility. We have designed a plan with panels for them to extend from, here, here, and…here. Should direct assistance be required, the program will be able to offer help most definitely.”
“Normally I wouldn’t condone such behavior of going around one’s superiors, but I trust your plan will succeed Doctor Klein. The more regulation, the better.”
After much testing had been completed, the extensive metallic tools were ready to be put into effect. It had taken much tinkering and thought, as a factory worker had almost been killed during the earlier trials. However, the process had indeed been perfected after some time. Human error would be a factor in the assembly lines no longer. With the team by her side, Lierra watched as a basic routine was completed. A long, pincer-like hand could reach from the panel out to the line and pluck an unsatisfactory product in one swift move, if needed. It was exhilarating for all.
Audio Recording 07: “I must admit, the work we have managed to complete is, well, quite impressive, to say the least. As I hold this object in my hands, I’m quite confident no single individual could assist me in running the factory to such an extent. Doctor Klein has plugged the brain into a single flash drive for my use, to insert it into the master computer at my disposal. Apparently, the program’s voice and “face” were taken from an older cartoon that offered much entertainment to adults and children alike, which amuses me greatly. However, as far as the name, the team has declined to share such information with me. Apparently, I must “see for myself, and I won’t be disappointed.” No matter, I cannot wait a moment longer. Time to put this project to work and see if everything is what we expected. One can only hope."
“Hello. I am Theta...”