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I'm racing at top speed. Mother hasn't replied to any of my messages. Am I too late? Smoke's in the air. The vibes aren't great. I feel the violence, the rage and the suffering. They grow more potent the closer I get to the spaceport. I can't be too late. I can't. Mother won't thank me, of course. Mum may give me token thanks, then go back to focusing Mother and on her fun. But I'm not doing this for credit. Or anyone's affection. Duty calls. I'm coming, Mother. Like you did when you sent that monster who dares to call myself my dad to hell and ripped that pathetic piece of chit's spine out.

I sense the shadow from afar before I see her. There's fires everywhere, along with dead bodies. Our boys are trading heavy fire with a horde of goons I don't know. And then I see her. She's down on the ground. The vibes I get from her aren't good. She's down on the ground. Beaten. I've...never seen her like this. I feel her agony and the burning heat surging through her.

A dark presence stands above her, blade driven through her. I kick the engines into overdrive. Frak, I'm coming, Mother. Just hold, just hold. Lifeweb, don't call her to you yet. Give me strength. As my speeder roars towards the ruins, I hear Reaper shotgun fire. Those shards tear through flesh. I sense Hunter behind some cover. Good man. The Sith seems to reel under the sudden bombardment, staggering. Then she lashes out viciously.

There's nothing I can do to stop the huge telekinetic blast she sends his way. I can only pray he's fine...and use the seconds he bought me to kick this baby's engines like never before and sent it shooting right towards whoever the hell she is. I crash right into her. Ever been hit by a speeder at top speed? Lemme tell you, it ain't fun. Leaving aside the obvious, there's internal bleeding, broken bones and so on.

She only has like a second to react before I crash her. Not enough to dodge - I'm guessing Mother slammed her down hard before going down. But sparks fly as her lightsabre cuts through some machinery. The speeder stops. I jump off mid-crash, holding my Cylix Bolt Pistol. I land hard on the ground. There's gonna be bruises after this. My leg's quite vocal about being pissed with me. I've learned to take the pain. Mother is not gentle in her training. Nor is the Jedi Inquisition in its brainwashing camp. Sucks that I have no armour though. Just shorts and tank top. It's like a bad movie.

The crash has thrown her back a good portion. Her breathing is heavy. She seems to be coughing and spitting up blood. I feel her pain and her rage. The howl of engines can be heard in the distance. The cavalry's on the way. I just gotta hold her off. But Mother doesn't have long. The Force guides my aim and the Cylix spits APEB rounds. She tries to block. Bad idea. All it does is make the round blow up in your face, though sometimes that's better for you than a full-on hit. I feel the scalding heat as her outer robes catch flame. She tears them off, and I keep firing.

Then an invisible hand wraps around my throat. I fight against the grip, but she is strong and it is, you know, hard to breathe while you're being choked. While I struggle, she lifts me off the ground and yanks me towards the speeder. Even with the bubble this is going to hurt - a lot. Mother would have been able to shield herself way better. Hell, she'd probably be able to break the invisible bind and not get ragdolled to begin with. You don't go up against her and use telekinesis. I can't. But I can take the pain. So I'm slammed into the speeder. It knocks the wind out of me, sends my head in a spin and I feel white-hot pain. It hurts like hell, I feel dizzy and blood is all over my face and legs. A rib cries. Frak, it must've fractured. But I got to fight. I've got my duty.

I push through the daze. Dimly, I realise that if the Sith had been at full strength...this would've been a hell of a lot worse. But she isn't. I feel her pain. It is so strong I can taste it. Mother did not go down without doing a number on her. As the Lifeweb returns my sight to me, I see her retreating - limping badly. No, she does not get to steal away into the night. If I can pin her down, the cavalry can cut her off. My limbs ache, but fire rushes through me and bursts outward. I don't just generate fire. I become fire. A wall of flame rushed towards her and she burns. I hear her roar in pain and fury.

The Lifeweb screams in my head. Engines roar, as a shuttle shoots through the sky. In the nick of time, I duck beneath the wreckage just before the shuttle's cannons spit laser fire. There's another Force-User piloting it. Her lackey, no doubt. The shuttle dives down towards the ground and the Sith limps towards the ramp. Grunting, I rise up. Large balls of flame form inside my hands and I hurl them at her. But she has already staggered up the ramp. The ship has banked away. My fire only splashes it. The shuttle shoots into the sky. Frak. All around me is destruction - debris, dead bodies, blood and discarded weapons. I hear sirens and vehicles draw closer.

I don't hear Mother. Frak. The old wound flares up again, but I rush to her as far as I can. That wound is...nasty. Frak, the sabre went right through her. I check her pulse. No, you can't die. You just can't. No matter how much you piss me off. I don't know why I try. I can't heal. I haven't been able to heal since that fight with Matsu. Still, I touch her wound in her chest. "Lifeweb...it's not her time. She's not ready yet. Give me strength. Vesta, don't let her fire go out. Please." Frak, I'm crying. The tears trickling down my face intermix with blood. My heart's thundering in my chest. Then suddenly, it's like energy is being pulled from my body and pushed into her.

My head spins and my breathing turns ragged. It hurts - like being drained. Like being stabbed by something sharp and red-hot. I don't stop. I can't. If this is the price...so be it. It's getting harder and harder to to focus. I'm sweating, but feeling colder with every moment that goes by. And then I hear her breathe. "Daughter...thank...I am...proud..." Everything goes dark and I slump.